The Myth Around Supriem David Rockefeller

  by Wes Penre, 2009 –
Published for Public View on June 16, 2009

His full name is Supriem David Rockefeller, a 35 year old man who says he is Marduk Ra and Lucifer redeemed, the Messiah the world has been waiting for and the Bible has been telling us about. Is this is the man secret societies have been waiting for and prepared for since ancient times? He says he is the one who rebelled against God, The Universal Father, and caused the Wars in Heaven. He is the one who created ‘sin’ and is the reason the world is in the shape it’s in.

According to himself, after thousands of years in exile, he has now returned in the body of Supriem Rockefeller, but has redeemed himself. Instead of bringing the world to its knees and fulfill the End Time Prophecies, he has decided to save the world he once had the purpose to destroy. Upon all this, he is also the Jewish Messiah. When he visits Israel, he is treated like a God.

Is he telling the truth, or is this a metaphor for another, deeper layered story?

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* In Reference to “Lucifer’s Redemption” *
* Religion and Prophecies *

Chapter I: Supriem Rockefeller – How It All Started
* The Letter to Leo Zagami *
* Michael N. Prescott, Supriem’s Former Business Partner and Self-Proclaimed Prophet *

Chapter II: Priesthood of Amen, Lucifer’s Web and Supriem Network
* A Short General Overview *
* How The Supriem Network is Controlling Business, Banking and the Current Recession/Depression *
* “Allied Unit” – The New World Currency*
* All the King’s Men *
* Inter-Dimensional Politics *
* Supriem’s Satellite Monitoring System *

Chapter III: Lucifer’s Rebellion
* An Introduction to the Urantia Book*
* Lucifer’s Rebellion According to the Urantia Book*
* The Credibility of the Urantia Book*
* Lucifer’s Rebellion in the Bible*

Chapter IV: Hathor – Supriem’s Goddess
Hathor, a Reanimation of the Egyptian Goddess? *
* Manisola, Alien Races and Triple Helix *
* Supriem Wants to Recruit Me *
* The Egyptian Connection *

Chapter V: Allied Union, Thule Gesellschaft and the Vril Society
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* Allied Union *
* Thule Gesellschaft *
* The Vril Society *
* Antarctica, Springboard to the Stars *
[Page 2]
* Agarthi — A Nation Inside Earth *
*The Thule Gesellschaft and the Dalai Lama’s Yellow Hat Sect *
* The Magickal Roots of Nazism — The History *
* Dge-Lugs-Pa, Also Called the Yellow Hat Sect *

 Chapter VI: Birth of a God in the Making and His Goddess
* 1974 — The Self-Proclaimed Messiah is Born *
* Significance of the Year 1974 *
* Kris Raynes, aka Supriem Rockefeller *
* Hathor, Egyptian Goddess Reanimated *

Chapter VII: Ark of the Covenant, The Black Stone and Supremacy
* YHWH and Marduk – Same Deity? *
* YHWH in Jerusalem *
* Being Multiple Deities in One — How it Works *
* Supriemacy Test *
* Supriem’s New Spiritual Achievements *
* Ark of the Covenant and the Black Stone *
* Uniting With the Universal Father *

Chapter VIII: Superman, the Mask of Amen and the Significance of Gold
* Why Gold? *
* S Like in Superman, Supriem and Samech *
* Supriem as Amen *

Chapter IX: Lucifer and Iron Man
* Iron Man, the Movie — The Straight-forward Plot *
* The Hidden Plot *
* The Significance of Hollywood, Rock Music and Cartoons *

Chapter X: Opening the Stargate
* What is a Stargate? *
* Why open the Stargate? *
* The ILAT-LITUM Tablets and the Return of the Anunnaki Gods *
* Clarifying the ILAT-LITUM Tablets *
* Anunnaki – The “Fallen Angels” *
* The Return of the Gods – NI-BI-RU Entering the Solar System and the Consequences *
* Another Viewpoint on the “Fallen Angels” *
* Between the Devil and the Returning Rock *
* Jesus Christ and the Holy Grail *
* How to Open the Stargate – Pyramid Power *
* Lucifer’s Pride *

Chapter XI: Rebuilding Solomon’s Temple and the Battle of Armageddon
* Struggle Between Supriem and Thule Gesellschaft (Reuniting the Ancient Ones and the Elder Race) *
* Supriem Getting Rid of a Problem – Michael N. Prescott? *
* The Reconstruction of Solomon’s Temple *
* The Biblical Bloodlines Clarified *
* Freemasonry is not a Religion – it is Religion *
* The Battle of Armageddon — A Biblical Background *
* Current Events Fulfilling Bible Prophecies *
* Seth, Osiris and The First and the Second Beast *
* Alpha and Omega *

Chapter XII: From the Ashes of the Phoenix
* The Brotherhood of Shadows and the Triple Helix Activation Program *
* Supriem’s Different Personalities *
* Supriem in Bible Prophecies *
* Free Will vs. Pre-Determined Destiny *
* How Can Prophecies Work If We Create Our Own Reality? *
* Irminsul *
* So Who is Supriem Rockefeller? (A Summary) *
* Worst Case Scenario *
* A Few Options *
* Living the Myth *

Epilogue: What Do We Do Now?
* The Harvest *
* The Soul-ution — Service to Others *
* Future Writings *

Updates: Current News on Supriem Rockefeller
* New Updates Page Available!  *

Appendix: Original Documents in German
* Genesis *
* Gespräche in der Krypta *
* Irmansul *


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