Chapter VI: Birth of a God in the Making and His Goddess

by Wes Penre, Tuesday May 12, 2009 at 5:36 AM

1974 — The Self-Proclaimed Messiah is Born

Supriem Rockefeller in Skull & Bones cap

Supriem Rockefeller in Skull & Bones cap

Since Supriem was born on Winter solstice, December 21, 1974, and those who know who he was and expected him have cared for and looked after him. The U.S. Air Force is one of them and a certain Rockefeller family oversaw his upbringing and adopted him immediately after birth. I’m still waiting for my sources to reveal which specific Rockefeller adopted him [1].

The following information comes from the Air Force person, working with Supriem on an almost daily basis. This is his direct testimony and parts of it is paraphrased by me.

Supriem does not have a biological father. His mother’s father worked for the Air Force when it was called the U.S. Army Air Corps — he was a Flying Tiger pilot and hand selected by the U.S. President to work for the Atomic Energy Commission at Los Alamos. They were working on the Atomic bomb.

His grandfather was given the highest security clearance and sent to help build Area 51 for the CIA and Skunkworks, along with Air Force and Navy. He was also present at the Holloman and Muroc AFB (now Edwards AFB) landings. These races told of the Supreme child who will be born in 1974 and who will be the true Messiah, God incarnate and only part human. The child will have to choose which path to travel, to bring The Book of Revelation in the Bible to fruition or bring the planet into light and life from the Urantia book (AntiChrist or Savior with other words, Wes’ comment).

His grandfather even traveled with the wreckage from Roswell to Ft. Worth where Supriem’s mother was born, on base. There were five bodies in the Roswell crash, three died on impact while one died later at the scene. One survived for a while but became sick. Supriem’s grandfather had his doctor friend, Guillermo Mendoza try to save the only living alien, who later died despite the efforts.

In 1974 there was a crash with 5 alien survivors that were taken to Barksdale AFB where Supriem’s mother was on base, but as a civilian (Supriem does not want her name revealed at this point in time to avoid the attention, so I don’t know who she is). She was married to someone of the Frankish Kings (Merovingian) bloodline so the child could come from her, but they were not married at the time Supriem was born. His mom is herself from the Frankish, Merovingian bloodline, the Holy Grail, the only bloodline from where the 12 High Priests of Amen can be chosen. This bloodline is supposedly also the bloodline of Jesus Christ. The Frankish Bloodline is the same bloodline as that of the British Monarchs, Emperor Charlamagne during The Holy Roman Empire, the Hebrew Franks, Germanic Franks, French Franks (hence the currency was called Franks) and the Celts. The U.S. Presidents even trace their roots to the bloodline, so do the 13 ruling families, to some extent (like the Rockefellers). These roots can be traced to the very beginning of civilization on Earth — The Franks are the Merovingians, according to Supriem’s camp. More about bloodlines in Chapter X.

King Charlemagne

King Charlemagne

Supriem has never met the Frankish Bloodline man. His mother was at different AFBs because of her father — she was only 21 when she had Supriem.

She said she remembers exactly when the base went into lockdown as they brought in the craft and its survivors. They took her to meet the alien race and she said the next day she found out she was pregnant with Supriem. They bestowed her with the Supreme Manisola (the life force before it enters the body). This Manisola was before that exiled as Horus, who was the Marduk Ra Manisola, but also YHWH and more. It returned to Earth in 1974 as Supriem.

We are going to bring up the YHWH issue in the next chapter, so for now I am going to stick to  Supriem’s information.

Before we continue, I need to better explain what “Manisola” is. Manisola means Mani (moon) and Sola (sol, sun). It can also be called “moon-sun”. It is the term for the lunar and solar principle. The lunar principle is the female, and the solar principle is the male fertilizing the female.

It is also the story of the Holy Grail. The Grail itself is the lunar principle, the female vagina.

Now, in a nutshell, a Manisola as is spoken of in this chapter, is that only of the superior deities. It is the life force and looks like a bright blue orb. Once it enters the womb, that life force can be reborn and the child will have the same physical characteristics from the past and the memories as well.

Wilhelm Landig, an esoteric writer, most probably a Thule member, wrote about Manisola in his book, Gotzen gegen Thule (Godlets Against Thule):

They are living, intelligent bio-mechanical entities with a complex life cycle that begins as a circle of light and continues through a metallic form before reaching the reproductive stage. Through a regenerative process, a new Manisola grows within the womb of the adult.

The regenerated part is expelled by the remaining mother-nucleus as a new energetic circle of light, corresponding to a birthing technique. This new circle enters on the same seven developmental stages, while the expelling maternal element rolls itself into a ball, which then explodes. The metallic remains contain particles of copper. The optical impressions that eyewitnesses of these Manisolas have had up to now are basically quite uniform.

In the daytime they display an extremely bright gold or silver luminescence, sometimes with traces of rose-colored smoke which then often condense into grayish-white trails. At night the disks shine in glowing or glossy colors, showing on occasion long flames at the edges and red and blue sparks, which can grow so strong as to wreathe them in fire. Most remarkable is their power of reaction against pursuers, like that of a rational creature, far exceeding any possible electronic self-steering or radio control.

Landig goes on to describe how, throughout the ages, all mythologies refer in one way or another to the Manisolas, which are seen as symbols of spiritual potency, unity and love.

Manisola, Alien Races and Triple Helix

These Manisolas and their accompanying manifestations are a representation of the morphogenetic grid in all its aesthetic glory. According to Landig’s book, they have been interpreted in various ways by different cultures. This also has something to do with the thought forms being projected. If one studies the third and fourth dimensional aspects of sacred geometry, one can see that these Manisolas are cabalistic vessels of creation.

The Manisolas, or “bio-machines”, are primarily fourth dimensional interfaces with the life force itself. Whether these Manisolas manifest as good or evil has everything to do with those forces who seek to imprint their thought forms into the consciousness of the Earth and its collective beings. The stewardship of this “imprinting” procedure becomes much more powerful than anything on Earth for those beings who can control it…

Now back to our story — in essence, it was an immaculate conception because sex wasn’t involved. Consequently, she did not have sex with any of these aliens — she couldn’t have , because Supriem has DNA from different races, including Anunnaki, Draco Triple Helix, Elohim and more. He has triple helix blue blood in a chimera state with red blood and more than one DNA sequence, which is what chimera is. His triple helix is the reptilian blood.

So Supriem is a mixture, or chimera of several DNAs, including triple helix reptilian, Nordic 49 Strand and human. His blood is a mix of blue and red, which makes purple — hence the color of royalty is purple.

Even the alien races have never encountered a 49 strand DNA before Supriem. It is also reported that not all strands are active yet, so his power will increase beyond imagination. He will be the Universal Father himself, not the Creator’s son, according to my source.

Blue blood of Elohim
Blue blood of Elohim

The picture above supposedly shows Supriem’s blood tested in a laboratory. I am not an expert on blood and how it looks like under a microscope, but I’ll add this picture for the record.

Here is one thing I know, though: the ‘problem’ with confirming this picture is that when blood is taken out of the body, it changes color due to more oxygen added to it from the air around us, so that means that even if the blood is blue or purple in the veins, it may change color once out of the body.

In all humans, the blood that is pumped TOWARDS the lungs is blue and when it’s gone THROUGH the lungs it’s red. This means there is no oxygen in the blood coming TO the lungs, but once oxygen is added to it and it becomes red.

What is happening to blue/purple blood when you extract it from the body, I do not know. This requires more research, which I may do as soon as I get a chance.

Thule Gesellschaft differs in their information on this point, however. They claim there are more persons with Triple Helix 49 Strand DNA on Earth as we speak, but they have still not been activated. They say the reason why Supriem’s camp is telling me that Supriem is the only one is because of his pride. He can’t stand the thought that there are more people potentially as powerful as he. Acoording to himself (and Thule), Michael N. Prescott, Supriem’s former business partner and self-proclaimed Prophet, is another one.

Here is an interesting scientific article on Triple Helix DNA, by the way, if you want to connect the dots: I advise you to read the entire article (it’s not long), but here is an excerpt. It is confirming what Thule is doing, re-creating our earliest ancestors.  “Scientific American” says:

“In addition to fomenting exciting medical research, these amazing molecules have inspired speculations relating to the origin of life on earth. Some scientists have suggested that PNAs or a very similar molecule may have formed the basis of an early kind of life at a time before proteins, DNA and RNA had evolved. Perhaps rather than creating novel life, artificial-life researchers will be re-creating our earliest ancestors.”

Triple Helix DNA
Triple Helix DNA

And here is another one from “The Daily Galaxy”, Nov 16, 2009: Artificial Triple-Helixed DNA: Will It Trigger Unintended Consequences? It talks about Artificial Intelligence — Cyborgs in relation to Triple Helix. Supriem also mentions he is an expert in AI (Artificial Intelligence). So, is Supriem just a vessel, boosted with Triple Helix to later be able to house the Spirit of Lucifer/Marduk? At the time of this writing, is he just a “common man”, but to some degree, or in full, aware of his fate having his body occupied by an Inter-dimensional spirit? His Triple Helix also could make him more psychic than average man, stronger, possibly more intelligent, and in possession of certain “paranormal”abilities.

If so, it makes sense when he says he is Lucifer, Marduk, YHWH and of Reptilian bloodlines. It’s all in his DNA, which is something the future Host would need to be able to operate  according to the plan. We will discuss this in more detail on Chapter XII under the section, “The Brotherhood of Shadows”.

Here is a snippet from the “The Daily Galaxy” article:

Cyborgs have been the sci-fi dream of a generation, merging man and machine in amazing new combinations. Most of which seem to look like major action stars. But a team at the University of Copenhagen think
that’s amateur hour…

Can you envision a future where the AI technology is on such a level that those who can afford it will buy a “cyborg” to to their chores at home and around the house while people sit on the computers, caught up in virtual reality, totally ignorant of what is going on around them? In that future, perhaps the cyborg looks exactly like a beautiful young woman — so sophisticated that you can hardly distinguish between a real woman and a cyborg? Only difference would be that you can program the cyborg to do whatever you want him/her to do. For those who choose to be part of that horrible future, people will marry their machines — their cyborgs. Men thinking they can have sex whenever they want without having to take other responsibilities like you would normally with family life.

This is the future we’re heading towards– at least on one timeline.

I don’t want to be part of that future! Do you?

My whole intention with this e-book is to show the reader what is “out there” and what is being created for us. Do you want to participate in that or not? That is your ultimate “free will” choice! I am presenting a very possible future, but it’s up to us to change it if we don’t want it. How? By gathering information (like this e-book and elsewhere) and then create a totally different spiritual path where you vibrate on a much higher level so you don’t have to experience this living hell.

Virtual reality is real! It’s a real world that is constantly created. It’s just as real as your daily life. You decide if you want to be part of that or a more uplifting spiritual future for yourself. Virtual reality is where you go into a world from which it is very hard to escape! The ultimate Matrix!

The Thule explains Triple Helix in the following way: The reason they wanted the Triple Helix DNA to be activated in Supriem and a few other people is because the activation makes you free from the constraints of today’s existence. You can with time change and influence things that you otherwise could not change. The activation gives people wings to achieve their great objectives. Here is a translated quote (German to English) by a member of the Thule Society:

The aim of activation is as follows:

By activating, your consciousness is raised to a higher level.

You may, for example, become clairvoyant, or things will materialize in front of you, or you can make contacts with other dimensions.

The act of activation is based on ancient texts of the Necronomicon.

In the old world of Agarthi (Inner Earth) otherlaws apply. H. P. Lovecraft wrote about this.

Activation is always a risk, which could lead to madness of the activated person.

By becoming activated, the true meaning and purpose in life should become clear, and it should strengthen one’s personality and drive forward to peak performance.

The coming of the New Messiah is expected. This Messiah is expected amongst Christians, Muslims, Jews, Hindus and Buddhists alike. Therefore, we will also enable people, regardless of their religious beliefs.

Our religion is older, it is the religion of the “Old Man of Agarthi” that lived millions of years before Atlantis, and their genes were related to the lizards (see chapter X). The lizards were the first self-conscious things on Earth, and they were clever and intelligent. Much of it is written in “ILAT-Litum”, the text that was found in 1932 in a sarcophagus in Antarctica.

If we turn on our genes, we go way back to the old gods. We are gods. This is the principle. Our physical matter is re-manifested and we will immortalize our genes.

We may be the first to see the New Messiah, because we will recognize him.

People will not recognize the Messiah, for he is like “a thief in the night”, as written in Luke 17/26-30.

I sincerely hope I have helped you with this text.

By blood into the light!

Thule-Orden [The Thule Order]

In 2005, a “science fiction” TV series called “Threshold” was launched on CBS about Triple Helix, and it also showed the Allied Union logo, interestingly enough, which is partly the symbol for Triple Helix. We need to be very aware of that what is classified as “science fiction” is often nothing else but the truth disguised as sf so that the public will think that it’s not real, when in fact it is. Producers and sf-writers are almost without exception initiated in secret societies and are designated the task to expose things to the public so that it can be hidden in plain sight. How do you most effectively hide the truth? By putting it in front of people’s eyes — very clever! Look at Jules Verne’s work, H.G. Wells, H.P Lovecraft… the list goes on — they were all members of secret societies and knew that what they were writing was the truth mixed with fiction.

Here is a video clip from “Threshold”, which I find very educating:

In the near future, Supriem himself will announce the alien races to the world, and insiders of the Thule Gesellschaft say that the arrival of the “Alien Gods” (the Anunnaki) is very, very soon (all this will be explained in the ILAT-LITUM plates in Chapter X). It’s likely going to be in 2012, but no one is totally sure — it depends on circumstances and information I don’t have access to, unfortunately. At least not at this time.

On December 21 1974, when Supriem was born, there was a comet in the sky just like the Vatican’s prophecy foretold — even the date was correct which stated when the Messiah would be born, my Air Force source tells me. They had been lying for years that Jesus fulfilled the prophecy to protect the real king to be born in 1974. In old Egypt, Horus, who was also born on December 21, was Amen Ra reborn.

This is the exact wordings from my source within the Air Force: “He will be the Universal Father himself, not the Creator’s son.” Sounds to me like “Lucifer’s original crime”, if we are to believe the Urantia Book.

Thule differs from Supriem on this point, however. They don’t give much credit to the Urantia Book and Lucifer’s Rebellion. To them Lucifer was always the good force and YHWH the bad, as we have discussed earlier. Jarl Vidar of the Thule Order told me that Supriem is not God, but has the life force of Lucifer (Manisola) within him, hence he is basically good. However, Jarl says, Lucifer is proud and pride is what makes Supriem think he is God. This, he says, is worrisome, because pride is a bad thing. Who is right and who is wrong is a matter of opinion, but we also have to take into consideration that Jarl is not at the top of the Thule hierarchy, so he doesn’t have all the answers.

After have been a little side-tracked again, let’s go back to the story about Supriem’s upbringing:

Supriem was moved from base to base while growing up — from Holloman AFB, Barksdale AFB, Lackland AFB, Tinker AFB, Ft. Meade, Maryland and more. He got a lot of guards in trouble during his childhood. They told a story to my source that one day at the time when the SR-71 Blackbird was classified, it flew in to Tinker AFB for a scheduled stop. Supriem was taken there for the day as well — he was just a kid. The Blackbird was surrounded by guards but in a moment they looked in the cockpit, there is little Supriem sitting in the pilot’s seat playing. The guards swore that nobody walked past them.

The Rockefeller, from day one, looked over him, making sure the businesses would be ready for him. Supriem didn’t go to school — from day one he just knew things and they got to witness his power. His first steps as a baby, he just got up and ran.

Supriem had no father in his life until 1992, when his mom married someone of The Lehman Family, of the “Lehman Brothers”. The whole Lehman Bros fiasco, according to my source, was orchestrated so they could get rid of all the investment banking they were losing money on and keep the 150 year old Lehman Brothers Bond Trading Platform, which still exists, and Supriem uses it.

The Rockefeller never acted as his dad, he was simply a business mentor to Supriem. The Thule suggested he was legally adopted, hence his last name, but we now know Supriem’s birth name was Kris Raynes, and he legally took his name Supriem David Rockefeller a few years ago, “David” to honor his mentor, David Rockefeller Sr. Supriem’s stepdad (Lehman) was very high up and friends with Bush Sr. and Clinton. They even gave Supriem’s stepdad horses from Camp David. Already as a teenager, Supriem could just walk right into the White House.

One day his stepdad closed off the Washington Monument so he could take Supriem to the top. When they were at the top his stepdad said, “This was built to pay homage to you, this is all for you”, referring to the giant obelisk for Amen that watches over the city.

Prince William, born on Summer Solstice

Another interesting thing is that Supriem claims a connection with Prince William Windsor. He once told me that him and Prince William are good friends and meet occasionally. We already know that Supriem was born on Winter Solstice of 1974, which is a very significant date for kings to be born on and has an astrological connection to power. The Global Elite often put great significance to birth dates and make sure that people they have important plans for are born on the best day possible to be able to succeed. You may or may not know this, but Prince William is actually born on June 21, 1982 — Summer Solstice! Are those two dates just coincidences? Hardly.

Significance of the Year 1974

Already in 1996, a brilliant researcher and a friend of mine, calling himself “Giant Skulls”, made a stunning comment on his excellent website,

Jesus died at 33.3

There are 13 colonies and Rhode Island was #13. Providence is its capitol and the eye over the pyramid is known as the eye of Providence.

The anti-christ was born in Providence, R.I. in 1974.

There is a branch called the North American Rothschilds.

33 x 360 (for the god of each day long ago) = 11,880 divided 6 – 6 = 1974.

120 years (for man’s lifespan) times a true cubit (which is the equivalant of 22 inches and there are 22 letters in the Hebrew alphabet)
120 x 22 = 2640 – 666 = 1974.

Planet Mercury (Hermes in Greek as in Hermetic teaching) orbital year is 88 days, and it travels at 30 miles a second. 88 x 30 = 2640 – 666 =1974

1998 (1 + 8 = 9) since none of the bad things will have happened yet. 1998 + 9 = 2007 – 33 (anti-christ death) = 1974.

66 books in the King James Bible by 40 authors. 66 x 40 = 2640 – 666 = 1974.

Tell me this book is not satanic in its origin [ref:]

This guy said with certainty already in 1996, based on mathetatical calculations, that the AntiChrist was born in 1974! Supriem claims he was born in Maryland, but it’s close enough.

Giant Skull’s website needs to be studied, because he is amazingly right to the point on many, many issues. He’s been online for 12-13 years — 2-3 years longer than my own Illuminati News (10 years as of this writing) and what he wrote 13 years ago holds water today and his predictions (I almost said prophecies) have mostly come true! He also wrote a series of two books, The Adepts of Deceit — Behind Closed Doors, that some say are the best “conspiracy books” ever written. I have them myself and must say they have enhanced my own research over the years quite a bit. [2]

The Adepts of Deceit Cover

Kris Raynes, aka Supriem Rockefeller

There have been some speculations about Supriem’s true identity. Some people claim there is evidence that Supriem was born with the name Kris Raynes and around the time of his Triple Helix activation in 2007, or a few years earlier than that, he legally took the name Supriem David Rockefeller. Some people are using this as evidence that he is a hoaxer, but to me this is not evidence.

In fact, in August 2010, I wrote a sequel to this book — a “Part 2” — which brought this whole story down to a 3rd density level, explaining Supriem’s upbringing and also gave much more details about his business connections and business deals.  It was more than 100 pages worth of research, even including documents to back up the claims. I did some of this research together with another person, pseudonym “Tom”, and among other things, it looked like we were able to track down Supriem’s family ties to the Raynes bloodline, Larry Raynes being his father. However, we were not able to show this beyond any reasonable doubt. It is true that at the time of Supriem’s birth, Larry and Barbara (Supriem’s biological mother) were married, but that’s as much as we can prove. Supriem himself still denies that Larry is his biological father and hangs on to the story that he doesn’t have a real father, as explained here in Chapter VI. However, he admits to a “humble upbringing” of sorts, because that was what he was meant to have to be able to better understand people on all levels of society.

Shortly after I launched the sequel, I realized it was a big mistake. First of all, I noticed that this whole concept can not be brought down to a solid 3rd density level with the intention to physically prove anything. It simply doesn’t work! To understand what I mean by that, the reader needs to be familiar with multi-dimensionality and the illusion of timelines. Something that is run from higher densities can’t be explained and “proven” in the 3rd! Secondly, the book (although it had backup documents) left me with more questions than answers. It was the wrong approach, and the book should never have been written. I took if off the Internet just about a week after it was published. From what I can see, there will be no sequel — this book explains what needs to be explained. The rest is up to the reader to comprehend and put together. Still, that can’t be done, unless the same reader is looking at this subject from outside the part of the matrix we call the 3rd density.

There were people who were very happy when I launched the sequel, because they thought that its context would put an end to the discussion about Supriem Rockefeller. It’s a hoax, and that’s it! Sorry, but I disagree. This story is still “hanging in there” and does not go away. No matter how well I, or somebody else, try to explain this phenomenon on a “logical level”, it can’t be put to rest. The reason being that the questions that are asked on a non 3rd density level are the ones which produce the best answers…

Also, the same people who work so hard trying to prove that Supriem is a hoax, suggest that he took the name Rockefeller to use for business purposes, with the intention to make fraudulent business deals, pretending that he is representing the famous Rockefeller family. Supriem himself disputes any such accusations and says he has never used the Rockefeller Family’s name as a part of business deals or in any other ways whatsoever. Furthermore, he states that he has never even said that he has any connection with the family except for David Senior, who is his mentor. [1]. Again, it doesn’t matter what is true or false in that respect — what matters is that this story has a lot of different layers to it. If we only ask our questions from our five senses perspective, we won’t get the right answers.

One day the reader will see what I mean…

Supriem David Rockefeller's Passport

Whatever the truth is on this matter, there is no doubt that his legal name today is Supriem David Rockefeller, just like his passport shows.

Hathor, Egyptian Goddess Reanimated

Hathor and Supriem inside his house
Hathor and Supriem inside his house

This is allegedly how Hathor came back to Earth:

In 1988 Supriem ordered Hathor’s Manisola to come back and he found a South African mother who could host it. Like I said earlier in this chapter, once the Manisola enters the body, that child takes on the same physical look as it did in the past. They even have all of the memories of the past like if it happened to them the day before. Like the Air Force source said: “It’s not reincarnation, it’s more reanimation.”

Hathor has said she has the memory of being chased through an escape tunnel in a pyramid in Egypt trying to get to Supriem. When she did reach him, he was being sent away into exile and so was she, later, for taking his side. It was the last time they saw each other until this present time. She said the last thing she remembered was looking into his eyes.

When she was brought back to Earth in 1988, she was kept separated from Supriem. When they were finally reunited, she recognized him right away and jumped in his arms. She also said once she was brought back, she had the recurring dream of being chased trying to get to Supriem. All she wanted to do when they were reunited was look into each others eyes. She was then brought to the States to live and be with Supriem.

She was being chased through the tunnel because she was found guilty of crimes and was sentenced into exile but not in the same location as Supriem. He made the deal to bring her Manisola back in 1988 but they could not reunite until 2007. That year is even encoded in his birthday, 12+21=33+1974=2007. Supriem’s exile fully ends Spring 2009 where he is fully restored, even though he has been conducting business until now.

A person who is close both to Supriem and Hathor told me that some people have a hard time understanding why the two are partying so much. The reason, he says, is because they have been apart for so long and they both know that they can’t do that once Supriem is in Power.

Hathor with a Navy hat



[1] Update May 20, 2010:  In a recent conversation with Supriem, he denied that he was adopted by a Rockefeller. He told me he’d never said that he was, only that David Rockefeller Sr. is his mentor and has been for many, many years.  He  told me he  also had other mentors during his upbringing.

The adoption part was given to me by a source whom according to Supriem had his facts wrong. I have no way of knowing if this is correct or not.  However, Supriem does confirm he was born on Barksdale AFB and that the Air Force is watching over him and that everybody who had anything to do with his upbringing had  to have very high security clearance.

I knew David Sr was his mentor, but due to that I got the information about the adoption in the beginning of my research from somebody else, my thought was that he was adopted by David Sr, whom in addition to that also became Supriem’s mentor. According to Supriem, this is false.

I had quite a few different sources at the time I published this book, and I tried the best I could to put the pieces together. A hard task, but as new info appears, I will try to update either here in the book or on my blog,

[2] Unfortunately, the Giant Skulls website at, was closed down after I first wrote this chapter. It’s a great loss due to the wealth of important information that was made public there. The domain is no longer owned, and I have not heard from “Giant Skulls” since his comments on the year 1974.

—> Chapter 7

Chapter V: Allied Union, Thule Gesellschaft and the Vril Society [Page 1]

by Wes Penre, Monday May 11, 2009 at 5:12 AM

Allied Union

The NewAllied Union Logo

There are two secret societies that have been working in unison with Supriem Rockefeller. These are the Thule Gesellschaft and the Vril Society (Gesellschaft), and we will cover both here.

For those who know anything at all about how Hitler rose to power have heard about them both, because they influenced the political climate in Germany behind the scenes and were the forces that helped bringing The Fuhrer to power.

At that time, they wanted to usher in the 3rd Reich, where Hitler would be the leader. Although many of Hitler’s (and the Priesthood’s) goals were reached during WW II (the creation of the UN and the migration of Jews to Israel to mention two that they accomplished), the mission only took the Internationalists so far. Now it’s time to ring in the 4th Reich, which will be the final One World Government. The Fourth Reich is actually what they used to call it, but  Supriem has his own name for the future World Government he is trying to build.  He and his allies have agreed upon the term Allied Union instead, and the One World Currency will be the Allied Unit, like I mentioned earlier. Below is an early idea for a logo, which is the same as that of the Freemasonic Grand Lodge of England, but just recently Supriem said he thought it looked too “fascistic” and the logo was changed. The new Allied Union logo is the one underneath. But by considering the use of a Freemasonic symbol Supriem shows that he has ties to Freemasonry, although he more or less denies it. He says that he couldn’t care less whether the Freemasons are helping him or not — he doesn’t need them. Still, I am certain they have a role to play before the end, like they always have, with or without Supriem, and that role is to help rebuild the Third Temple of Solomon, which will be discussed in Chapter XI.

Old Allied Union logo

New Allied Union logo

If you study the old logo, you can see the inverted Venn Diagram making the Paradise Trinity logo in the center, plus it has the Trilateral Commission Logo around it. A very similar symbol, according to a source within the Treasury Department, is also on the alien spaceships visiting Earth from other star systems. That’s not new to me, because it has been told by abductees for years.

The new logo is in gold color, gold being AU.

Here is a picture of an old artifact showing the Trinity as well. Supriem showed it to one of his closest men, who then sent it to me. Supriem did not tell him exactly where this artwork comes from, but suggests it may have been hidden in the vaults of the Vatican. Also notice the “alien” influence:

Old Trinity Artifact

Here follows the Myspace page of the Head of the Younger guys whose purpose is to bring the Thule and Vril message to the youth and anybody else who wants to listen: The Thule Society have just started spending money to spread their message of the Allied Union.

The Thule "FreiHerr", Mr. Jarl Vidar

Thule Gesellschaft

What follows is a description of the Thule Gesellschaft in the form it can be easily researched on the Internet and in books. I want to start out with the “official version” for your information before I go into much lesser known details about the society:

The Thule Society (German: Thule-Gesellschaft), originally the Studiengruppe für germanisches Altertum ‘Study Group for Germanic Antiquity’, was a German occultist and völkisch group [group for the people] in Munich, named after a mythical northern country from Greek legend. The Society is notable chiefly as the organization that sponsored the Deutsche Arbeiterpartei, which was later transformed by Adolf Hitler into the Nazi Party.

Thule Gesellschaft 1919

A primary focus of Thule-Gesellschaft was a claim concerning the origins of the Aryan race. “Thule” ((Greek): Θούλη) was a land located by Greco-Roman geographers in the furthest north. The term “Ultima Thule” ([Latin]: most distant Thule) is also mentioned by the Roman poet Virgil in his epic poem Aeneid. This was supposed to be the far northern segment of Thule and is now generally understood to mean Scandinavia.

Said by Nazi mystics to be the capital of ancient Hyperborea, they identified Ultima Thule as a lost ancient landmass in the extreme north: near Greenland or Iceland. These ideas derived from earlier speculation by Ignatius L. Donnelly that a lost landmass had once existed in the Atlantic, and that it was the home of the Aryan race, a theory he supported by reference to the distribution of swastika motifs. He identified this with Plato’s Atlantis, a theory further developed by Helena Blavatsky, the occultist during the second part of the 19th century. The Thule-Gesellschaft maintained close contacts with Theosophists, the followers of Blavatsky. [1]

An important note here is that the modern Thule Gesellschaft was formed (or reformed) by Rudolf von Sebottendorf in 1918, but the Order in itself, just like Freemasonry and many other secret societies, is ancient and have survived throughout history under different names but always had the same misson and Agenda. The TRUE agendas of both Thule and Vril will be obvious as we continue through the chapters.

Wewelsburg Castle, where Heinrich Himmler and his Order met and performed rituals

The Thule Society has, so I’m told, a huge base in Antarctica as well, which also is the place where the Priesthood takes their secret man-made UFOs into space. They even have plans to make Antarctica a sovereign state in the near future, a state outside the One World Government. The Vril Society, in control of Vril Power, and the Thule Gesellschaft are tightly interwoven. The Vril Society is actually the Inner Circle of Thule and they work with the U.S. Government and have done so since the end of WW II when German Thule and Vril members were secretly moved over to the United States in a project called “Operation Paperclip”. Google it and you will find all the information you need on this project if you are unfamiliar with it. Wikipedia is a good start.

Helena Blavatsky with "Ascended Masters"

Both Thule and Vril are often using Scandinavian Gods and Goddesses as aliases within the Order, and they even have a Nordic language that the Inner Circle speaks which they have spoken on Earth for over 11,000 years, according to Supriem. It has been passed down to each successor within the inner circle.

After the Thule went underground during World War II, when Hitler banned the organization, the Order split in different fraction, and one of these fractions have been working with Supriem since 2002-2003.

The following pretty much summarizes Thule’s present view on humanity and its’ future. It comes from a Thule Insider and is translated from German:

This is what we need to understand! We are all parts of this [God’s] plan. There are lots of pieces in God’s great game. Unfortunately, mankind learns only by disasters or wars and then we develop a new collective consciousness!

The Akasha Chronicle ( Scroll down until you see the headline AKASHA CHRONICLE. Wes Penre’s comment) is nurtured from the development of human beings, and as bad as it sounds: Napoleon and Hitler were factors in the collective consciousness of mankind — a child learns from a little pain — humanity learns from this child. But it will be accompanied by a great divine assistance, which is generally in the literature of the esoterics which the “Great White Brotherhood” refers to. [see Helena Blavatsky’s writings, Wes’ comment].

We need have no fear, because lurking behind the Stargate is not the death or monsters. It shows the kind and loving creator. The “Great White Brotherhood” is the guardian of ideas. The gods have invoked the Brotherhood of Agarthi — The Order of Thule, and other magic systems work in the construction of the new eon [The Age of Aquarius, Wes’ comment]. Hope is our principle.

I am not at all convinced that “behind the Stargate is not the death or monsters”, though. My research leads me to believe it’s a mix of “everything” and by opening the Gate we let in whatever dwells “on the other side”… More about Stargates in Chapter X. Agarthi will be discussed later in this chapter, but means the Nation inside the Hollow Earth, which I have no doubt is very real.

The Thule Gesellschaft’s website can be visited here:

The Vril Society

First a little background on the Vril Society. This is what is told to the general public in Wikipedia:

…the Vril Society was founded as “The All German Society for Metaphysics” in 1921 to explore the origins of the Aryan race, to seek contact with the “hidden masters” of Ultima Thule, and to practice meditation and other techniques intended to strengthen individual mastery of the divine Vril force itself. It was formed by a group of female psychic mediums led by the Thule Gesellschaft medium Maria Orsitsch (Orsic) of Zagreb [Wes’ emphasis. Keep this name in memory!], who claimed to have received communication from Aryan aliens living on Alpha Tauri, in the Aldebaran system. Allegedly, these aliens had visited Earth and settled in Sumeria, and the word Vril was allegedly formed from the ancient Sumerian word Vri-Il, “like god” (In fact, Vri-Il means nothing in Sumerian, and could not even be a Sumerian word, as Sumerian had no /v/ phoneme, nor does Sumerian allow consonant clusters at the beginning of words. While the Akkadian word for “deity” is indeed ilum, the Sumerian word is dingir.). A second medium was known only as Sigrun, a name etymologically related to Sigrune, a Valkyrie and one of Wotan’s nine daughters in Norse legend. Other sources [who?] state that the Vril Society was founded by an ill-defined group of Rosicrucians in Berlin before the end of the 19th century, while still others [who?] state that it was founded by Karl Haushofer in Berlin in 1918. Some sources state that the Vril Society was also known as the Luminous Lodge, or the Lodge of Light,[20] though others claim that it was originally called the Brothers of the Light.[21]

The Society allegedly not only taught concentration exercises designed to awaken the forces of Vril, their main goal was to achieve Raumflug (Spaceflight) to reach Aldebaran. To achieve this, the Vril Society joined the Thule Gesellschaft and the alleged DHvSS (Die Herren des schwarzen Steins, The Masters of the Black Stone) [4] to fund an ambitious program involving an inter-dimensional flight machine based on psychic revelations from the Aldebaran aliens [who are equivalent to the Anunnaki, who ruled in old Sumer. The word Sumer (or Sumeria) stems from Sumi-Aldebaran, which is the star system the Anunnaki originally come from, 68 light-years from Earth. Nibiru is merely a “station” they use on their Intergalactic journeys, according to The Thule. Wes’ comment].

The Black Stone

Members of the Vril Society are said to have included Adolf Hitler, Alfred Rosenberg, Heinrich Himmler, Hermann Göring, and Hitler’s personal physician, Dr. Theodor Morell. These were original members of the Thule Society which supposedly joined Vril in 1919. The NSDAP (National Sozialistische Deutsche ArbeiterPartei) was created by Thule in 1920, one year later. Dr. Krohn, who helped to create the Nazi flag, was also a Thulist.

With Hitler in power in 1933, both Thule and Vril Gesellschafts allegedly received official state backing for continued disc development programs aimed at both spaceflight and possibly a war machine.

There is no evidence that a functional prototype was ever made. The claim of an ability to travel in some inter-dimensional mode is similar to Vril claims of channeled flight with the Jenseitsflugmaschine (Other World Flight Machine) and the Vril Flugscheiben (Flight Discs).

Hidden masters (the members of the Vril society and their antagonist, the Jewish World Conspiracy), an escape by Hitler and other Nazis from Berlin to the South Pole, flying saucers, secret Nazi inventions, and psychic channeling powers and Aliens from Aldebaran clearly are the elements of a conspiracy theory. As there yet seems to be no comprehensive scholarly examination of the proponents of this theory (except for some chapters in Goodrick-Clark’s Black Sun), their motives remain unclear. It must be said, though, that Secret Societies cannot be held responsible for the Holocaust and the Third Reich. [Ref: And like I said, this is the “official version”, which does have truth in it, but the Wikipedia entry was made by someone who wanted to debunk the whole story. Big mistake! Also, like I mentioned earlier, the Thule were banned by the Nazi Party some time during the war, and von Sebottendorf had to flee to Greece]

Sir Edward Bulwer-Lytton

History is telling us that the Vril Society was almost entirely based on Edward Bulwer-Lytton’s fiction novel, The Coming Race. The book describes a race of men psychically far in advance of ours. They have acquired powers over themselves and over things that make them almost godlike. For the moment they are in hiding. They live in caves in the center of the Earth.

So how can a group of esoteric people form a serious secret society out of a fiction book? Well, this is how it works:

First of all, if we research Edward Bulwer-Lytton we will see that he belonged to The Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, which in itself was (and still is) a very esoteric secret society which branched out from the English Rosicrucian Order. Being a high rank member of The Golden Dawn, Bulwer-Lytton had a lot of esoteric knowledge. What he then did was nothing new — Jules Verne and H.G. Wells among others did the same thing , and it happens even more often today — he wrote a fantasy/fiction book! That way he got the esoteric knowledge out to other initiates in other secret societies around the world, while the common masses would read the book as pure fiction and never understand the seriousness, the symbolism and the truth that was written in it. An ingenious way of getting forbidden knowledge out in the open, but still only the selected few would understand what the information is really about. Today they do the same thing  in books, Hollywood movies, pop/rock music, fine art, pop art and more…

In December 1919 a small circle of persons from the Thule, the Vril and the DHvSS [Die Herren Vom Schwarzen Stein (German: Lords of the Black Stone)] met in a specially rented forester’s lodge near Perchtesgaden (Germany). They were accompanied by the medium Maria Orsic and another medium only known as Sigrun (see Wikipedia entry above). Maria had mediumistically received transmission in a secret Templar script – a language unknown to her – with the technical data for the construction of a flying machine. According to Vril documents these telepathic messages came from the solar system Aldebaran which is sixty-eight light-years away in the constellation Taurus (The Bull). This is also the constellation of the Pleiades, where light beings channeled by Barbara Marciniak come from.

Here is a short summary of messages the Vril medium had received over the years and which formed the basis for all further actions by the Vril-Gesellschaft, compiled by author Jan van Helsing, and this is very important information to be able to understand the rest of this book. This is not science fiction, but truly what is going on in the Inner Core of the Thule and theVril. Again, I need to emphasize to the reader that even if you don’t believe a word of this, it’s irrelevant. They believe it and have built at least two very complicated secret societies around it — and these societies are quite powerful and influential:

“The solar system Aldebaran has a sun around which revolve two inhabited planets that form the empire SUMERAN. The population of the Aldebaran system is divided into the master race of “light God people” (Aryans) and several other human races that had developed by negative mutation from the “God people” because of climatic changes upon the planets.

The Aldebaran star system

The Aldebaran star system

The colored mutant races apparently are on a lower stage of spiritual development. The more the races intermixed, the lower the spiritual development of these people sank, which led to the situation that when the sun Aldebaran began expanding they could no longer maintain the space travel technology of their forefathers and could not leave the planets by their own means. The lower races, totally dependent upon the master race, had to be evacuated and were brought to other inhabitable planets. Despite their difference all the races respected one another and did not interfere with each other, neither the so-called God people nor the lower races. Each respected that the others just made their own developments (in contrast to what happens on Earth).

”Around 500 million years ago the “light God people” started to colonize other earth-like planets, after the expansion of the sun Aldebaran and the resulting heat had made the original planets uninhabitable. It is said that in our system they first colonized the planet Mallona (also called Maldek, Marduk or – by the Russians – Phaeton) which existed in the area of today’s asteroid belt, then between Mars and Jupiter. Mars was next. The proof for a highly developed race on Mars is run by the well-known face on Mars and the pyramid city which has been photographed by the Mars probe Viking in 1976. It is assumed that the master race of Sumeran-Aldebaran then also came to Earth for a first visit, witnessed by the petrified impressions of a shoe found to be about 500 million years old, and squashed under the heel a trilobite, a little crayfish that lived then upon Earth and became extinct about 400 million years ago.”

“The Vril people thought that later, when Earth became slowly habitable, the race of the Aldebarans landed in Mesopotamia and formed the master caste of the SUMERIANS which were described as fair, white God people. The Vril telepaths also found that the Sumerian language was not only identical with that of the German and that the language frequently of German and Sumerian-Aldebaranian were almost identical.” [The Aldebarans are one of the many branches of an alien race we call the Anunnaki. There is another, inter-dimensional branch of the Anunnaki as well. Wes’ comment].

The construction plans and the technical details that the Vril mediums received were so accurate that they led to the most fantastic idea men ever begot: the construction of a “Jenseitsflugmachine”, a “flying machine for the other side” – “Vril-Odin”!

Just to try to understand how complicated these terms “good” and “evil” are and how subjective they are, Dr. W.O. Schumann of the Technical University in Munich, both a Thule and a Vril member, held a speech in the early 20th Century, a section of which is reproduced here:

“In everything we recognize two principles that determine the events: light and darkness, good and evil, creation and destruction – as in electricity we know plus and minus. It is always: either – or.

“These two principles – the creative and the destructive – also determine our technical means…

“Everything destructive is of Satanic origin, everything creative is divine. Every technology based upon explosion or combustion has thus to be called Satanic. The coming new age will be an age of new, positive, divine technology!” (from the German SS secret archives).

Maria Orsic
Maria Orsic

In the summer of 1922 the first saucer-shaped flying machine was built whose drive was based on implosion (the “other-side flying machine”). It had a disk eight meters across with a second disk with a diameter of six and a half meters above and a third disk of seven meters diameter below [for American/British readers, imagine that a meter equals a yard. It’s not an exact comparison, but close enough for our purpose. Wes’ comment]. These three disks had a hole at the center of one meter eighty across in which the drive, which was two meters forty high, was mounted. At the bottom, the central body was cone-shaped, and there a pendulum reaching the cellar was hung that served for stabilization. In the activated state the top and bottom disk revolved in opposing directions to build up an electromagnetic rotating field.

Before the end of 1934, the RFZ 2 was ready, with a Vril drive and a “magnetic field impulse steering unit”. It had a diameter of five meters and the following flying characteristics: With rising speed the visible counters became blurred and the craft showed the colors typical of UFOs: depending on the drive setting red, orange, yellow, green, white, blue or purple. It worked – and it would meet a remarkable destiny in 1941, during the Battle of Britain, when it was used as transatlantic reconnaissance craft, because for these flights the German standard fighters ME 109 had an insufficient range.

These machines were thus based an an IMPLOSION instead of an EXPLOSION system, a technology directly developed from Maria Orsic’s and her co-mediums’ channeled information. VRIL power is simply the energy of the Universe, and Nazi Germany learned how to tame it and use it for interplanetary travels.

There is a lot more to know about the development of Flying Saucers here on Earth, and I strongly recommend you read Jan van Helsing’s book, “Secret Societies and Their Power in the 20th Century” to learn more. It goes into details on this and various other very important subjects. For the purpose of this book it is not necessary to go into too much details about this, other than you need to know that these things were and are going on around us in secret, and many UFOs that people see (but not all of them) are man-made. There can’t be much of a discussion whether the Vril space-crafts are real or not, because the evidence is overwhelming and indisputable. Also see my reference page in the “back” of this book — lots of excellent references.

Still, there are a few more things worth mentioning. At the beginning of 1943 it was planned in Nazi Germany to build in the Zeppelin a cigar-shaped mother ship. The ANDROMEDA DEVICE of a length of 139 meters should transport several saucer-shaped craft in its body for flights of long duration (interstellar flights). By Christmas 1943 an important Vril-Gessellschaft meeting took place in the seaside resort of Kolberg.


The two mediums, Maria Orsic and Sigrun, attended. The main item on the agenda was the ALDEBARAN PROJECT. The mediums had received precise information about the habitable planets around the sun Aldebaran and one began to plan a trip there. At a January 22, 1944 meeting between HITLER, HIMMLER, Kunkel (of the Vril Society) and Dr. Schumann this project was discussed. It was planned to send the VRIL-7 large-capacity craft through a dimension channel independent of the speed of light to Alderbaran – a wormhole or a stargate.

Here is a YouTube video I highly recommend that you watch on this subject. It is 10 minutes long and called, Vril Society and the Hanebu. It confirms everything I am writing here. I also advise you to do a search on YouTube for “vril” and you will find quite a few interesting videos.

Under the operation PAPERCLIP German scientists who had worked in secret were brought to the U.S. privately, among them VIKTOR SCHAUBERGER and WERNHER VON BRAUN — both had been working on these projects and now introduced this secret technology to the United States Government.

In 1938 a German expedition to ANTARCTICA was made with the aircraft carrier Schwabenland (Swabia). 600,000 km2 of an ice-free area with lakes and mountains were declared German territory, the NEUSCHWABENLAND (New Swabia). Whole fleets of submarines of the 21 and 23 series were later headed towards Neuschwabenland.

Today about one hundred German submarines are still unaccounted for, some equipped with the Walter snorkel, a device that allowed them to stay submerged for several weeks, and it can be assumed that they fled to Neuschwabenland with the dismantled flying disks or at least the construction plans. Again it must be assumed that since the test flights had been very successful some so-called flying saucers have flown directly there at the end of the war. Perhaps some may think these assumptions to be a bit on the daring side, but there are strong indications that it may well have happened that way.

There is a question why in 1947 ADMIRAL E. BYRD led an invasion of ANTARCTICA, why he had 4,000 soldiers, a man-of-war, a fully equipped aircraft carrier and a functioning supply system at his command if it was a mere expedition? He had been given eight months for the exercise, but they had to stop after eight weeks and high losses of planes undisclosed even today. What had happened?

Later Admiral Byrd spoke to the press:

“It is the bitter reality that in the case of a new war one had to expect attacks by planes that could fly from Pole to Pole.”

Jan van Helsing is telling us:

Norbert-Jurgen Ratthofer writes about the whereabouts of the Haunebru developments in his book “Zeitmaschinen” (Time Machines):

“The Haunebru I, II and III space gyros and the VRIL I space flying disk had disappeared after May 1945. It is very interesting to note in the context that after its nineteenth test flight the German Haunebru III is said to have taken off on April 21, 1945, from Neuschwabenland, a vast, officially German territory in the Eastern Antarctic, for an expedition to Mars, about which there is nothing further known. One year later, in 1946 the many sightings that suddenly occurred in Scandinavia of shining objects of unknown and definitely artificial origin caused a great stir among the Allies in East and West. Again one year later, in 1947, and well into the Fifties, a rising number of shining unknown flying objects, doubtlessly steered by intelligent beings mostly round, disk- or bell-shaped, sometimes cigar-shaped, so-called UFOs appeared over North America..”

According to the Thule and lots of other other independent researchers, another disc left Antarctica in 1945 with both Hitler and Maria Orsic on board. This craft was heading not for Mars, but for Aldebaran. And Maria Orsic “disappeared” in 1945! We know for a fact that Orsic “disappeared” from the “face of the Earth”, literally speaking, in 1945 and many different researchers suggest she actually went to Aldebaran, but was Hitler on board as well??? Future research may disclose this matter, hopefully.

As a side note, keep the mentioning of Mars in the back of your head. We will talk a lot about Mars later.

Researchers have long struggled with from where the mediums got their information – whom did they channel? According to Insiders close to Supriem, the information was partly channeled from him, obviously before he came into this incarnation in 1974. This is highly unlikely, though, as we shall see in a while, because instructions how to build Vril driven saucers partly came from the ILAT-LITUM plates found in Antarctica in 1939, and partly from previous channeled information, and my research points in the direction that the Vril mediums channeled, not Supriem, but beings from the Aldebaran System, the Anunnaki. Supriem has a tendency to exaggerate on occasion to boost his ego, so keep that in mind. I will comment on this in the last sections of the book, but in the meantime, bear with me.

However, it sure seems like Maria Orsic is back from Aldebaran, looking as young as ever and now in Supriem’s company, as we shall see. Is it possible that Vril Power is able to “bend time” by traveling through a dimensional “(worm)hole”, like van Helsing suggests, and thus bring the passenger back in the same age (or younger) than he/she was when they left? According to today’s science it is theoretically possible, but I firmly believe that in reality it’s done all the time by alien species and even by our own government and various esoteric orders.


The Supriem camp is telling me that their Vril crafts are not man made. They use confiscated Alien craft or repaired crashed crafts, from which they create replicas:

Think about it, why would they build craft when they can use existing craft? They just used the Vril as a deterrent … the Vril craft [being man-made] [is] disinformation.

Could very well be that the technology to build Vril-Odin originally came from a mix of alien technology and channeled information, but Vril-Odin was built by humans from this same channeled information mentioned above, plus the instructions in the ILAT-LITUM (explained later on in this chapter). I am sure we also took care of the landed and crashed UFOs to use and learn from that technology as well to advance our own, but personally I think that claiming all technology concerning Vril craft is recovered technology from crashed UFOs is incorrect.

Here is a picture of the Vril Machine:

The Vril Machine

The following email was posted on a website called and the discussion is from October 18, 2001. It gives additional hints towards Supriem’s “alien connections”:

Date: 10/18/01 11:43:14 AM Pacific Daylight Time

> Grant wrote: I work for the U.S. Air Force. I have level 5 clearance to classified information. I noticed that Supriem had a classified file with the Air Force. I thought that was odd so i looked into it and found out that he was trained in military intelligence and combat at FT. Meade, Maryland.


Fort Meade, MD is the headquarters of the National Security Agency. They are the agency generally tasked with handling star visitor contacts, though mostly through specialized sub-compartment groups.

> After looking who enrolled him at said David, listed as his father. The wierdest thing was there was no birth date on his file.

Another clue.

His file shows he went to school in England

> after his military training. His file also showed he handeled money for the Defense Finance and Accounting Services (DFAS). The last part of his file I could not access was on something Supriem and select people from the CIA and the military were working on called Alien Intelligence (Outoaly).

Another clue. It sounds like this individual, Supriem, was a specialized expert in “alien” intelligence.

The file was encrypted like

> something I have never seen before, like a new kind of technology. The file was listed as Outoaly with an Omega symbol next to the writing. There is something really strange about this guy. His name has been talked about for over 50 years in classified documents but his current photo on file looks like a man in his 20’s. Regards, Grant

Final clue. This Supriem does not visibly age in over a half-century. That attribute is not human, but is quite common among extraterrestrial races. It looks like Supriem is a visiting star person, on long-term liaison to elements within the U.S. National Security community to provide consultation and education, and to increase human understanding about the way star people think and perceive, as well as to better understand how our military thinks and operates. [2]

The picture they are discussing is the one with Supriem and his inverted V-shaped pupil.

Supriem Rockefeller (notice the left pupil, shaped like an inverted V)Supriem Rockefeller (notice the left pupil, shaped like an inverted V)

Close-up of the eyes

Close-up of the eyes

Supriem does age, however. He is here in a human body and is affected by 3rd Density laws. So that part is incorrect.

The inverted V (^) shaped pupil may show here due to activating his Reptilian DNA. Perhaps a partial shape shift? Unrelated to this particular picture, Jarl Vidar of the Thule Order recently told me:

He carries the blood of the dragon, the [alien] Draconis, in itself. He is the leader of a purified Elite, characterized by the portal of the stars that is manifested in today’s world. Like the Necronomicon says, there is the cult of the dragon, the goat and the dog!
Supriems blood stands for the dragon. He is the recurring Ouroboros.


We discussed above that Maria Orsic may have disappeared to Aldebaran in 1945, using Vril Power to travel through a “dimensional hole” in space. Keep this in mind, because in the beginning, when I was researching Supriem, a certain girl, code name “Sully” was presented to me as the “Vril girl” by a source from the Treasury Department. No other name. Then, by “accident” (again!) on the Internet I looked at photos of Maria Orsic, whom no one had mentioned to me at that point and I did not know about her from previous research. So let me tell you how this developed.

Here is a photo of Supriem with the girl, allegedly from the Vril Society, code name “Sully”, together with Supriem:

Supriem and Sully of the Vril Society

In this article: Viktor Schauberger- The UFO’s of Nazi Germany, totally unrelated to Supriem and my research, this picture is published:

Maria Orsic

The picture with the spacecraft is from the Vril Society and was taken in 1944. The girl’s name in this picture, I found out, is Maria Orsitsch (Orsic), the Medium we discussed earlier in this chapter. Now compare the two photos and we can definitely see the similarities. Are these two girls the same person? If so, she hasn’t aged! These pictures are at least 65 years apart.

Maria Orsic of the Vril Society in 1944

As a matter of fact, after I made this connection, I have had it confirmed from two sources that these two girls are the same person. That doesn’t mean they are, but the resemblance is stunning.


Maria Orsic: these two pictures are approx. 65 years apart

This biography of Maria Orsitsch is pretty interesting:

Maria Orsitsch, also known as Maria Orsic, was a famous medium who later became the leader of the Vril Society.


She was born in Vienna. Her father was a Croatian and her mother was a German from Vienna.

Although various alleged photos and documents exist that verify Maria Orsitsch’s existence, it was only until the 1960s that historians and writers began to note her involvement with Nazi Mysticism. Maria Orsitsch was first mentioned and pictured in 1967 by Bergier and Pauwels in their book “Aufbruch ins dritte Jahrtausend: von der Zukunft der phantastischen Vernunft”.

Vrilerinnen Women

Maria Orsitsch was the head of the ‘The All German Society for Metaphysics’ (Alldeutsche Gesellschaft für Metaphysik) founded in the early 20th century as a female circle of mediums who were involved in extraterrestrial telepathic contact. The society was later renamed the ‘Vril Society’ or ‘Society of Vrilerinnen Women’. In 1917 Maria Orsitsch is said to have made contact with extraterrestrials from Aldebaran with her female Vril circle. Later in 1919 the Vril circle met with other groups in a small forester’s lodge in the vicinity of Berchtesgaden to discuss a possible voyage to Aldebaran to meet the Aliens by the construction of Nazi ufos. Notes on this space mission are discussed in a recent detailed analysis of Nazi Occultism entitled ‘Black Sun: Aryan Cults, Esoteric Nazism, and the Politics of Identity“:

‘Maria claimed to have received mediumistically transmissions in a secret German Templar script – a language unknown to her – containing technical data for the construction of a flying machine. Vril documents mention these telepathic messages had their origin in Aldebaran, a solar system 68 light-years away in the constellation Taurus’


In 1945 Maria Orsitsch and the Vril Circle mysteriously disappeared. This has led to some writers, conspiracy theorists and Nazi Mystics (ie Jan Udo Holey) to believing Maria Orsitsch escaped to Aldebaran. [3]

So again, it’s stated she disappeared in 1945. And now she is working with Supriem Rockefeller? Is this girl, sitting next to young Mr. Rockefeller, the Grandmaster of the Vril Society, as indicated on the website above? According to two sources she may be. Someone from the Military told me that Supriem even calls her Isis in private. In public, though, her code name is, like I said, Sully.

Someone showed one of my sources an official Temple of Isis signet from Ancient Egypt that the Military possesses and it depicts Isis under a bull. Aldebaran is known as the Bull’s eye of the Taurus constellation. The Isis picture looked exactly like the Vril girl’.

It is difficult to find a good painting/artifact on Isis to compare the two, and so far I haven’t found any that I could say have resemblance with today’s Sully/Maria Orsic.

I’ve mentioned that the Vril society, the inner core of the Thule, is a very powerful secret society, where the Inner Circle has access to the “mythological” Vril Power. On Monday, February 2, 2009, Supriem was, according to a statement he made, making a deal with China to use his technology in order to get them to the moon, using what they call “Ununpentium” Vril Generators.

Vril-8 Odin. Odin was a Scandinavian pagan God. The Priesthood is obsessed with Scandinavian mythology, connecting it to the Arian "Master Race"
Vril-8 Odin. Odin was a Scandinavian pagan God. The Priesthood is obsessed with
Scandinavian mythology, connecting it to the Aryan “Master Race”

Vril-8 Odin Diagram

Above is a Vril-8 Odin Schematic. One of my sources, with Above Top Secret Clearance, saw the paperwork in March 0f 2009 that Supriem’s camp filed with the NRO (The National Reconnaissance Office) for permission to launch RLV’s (“Reusable Launch Vehicle) satellites. These are supposed to be the most technologically advanced never before seen on the market. Supriem paid 9.2 billion dollars for the constellation.

The odd thing is, according to my USAF source, that these RLV’s are low Earth orbit satellites, but his team did not file to use any spectrum. This is getting technical, but usually, if you launch low orbit satellites you file to use the “L-Band frequency”, according to a personal in the USAF. They didn’t even file for “K-Band”, “KA-Band” or “KU-Band” so what would they be using the satellites for? That is the big secret.

The satellites are scheduled for launch the fall of 2009. People outside of his circle, in the Air Force at least, speculate it is the same EMP technology Supriem spoke about in that letter to Prescott in Chapter 1.

Antarctica, Springboard to the Stars

This following information comes directly from a Thule Insider.

Captain Alfred Ritscher

Captain Alfred Ritscher

In 1939, Captain Alfred Ritscher of Nazi Germany found the Antarctica entrance into the Inner Earth. He also found the “ILAT-LITUM” plates in a sarcophagus on the coast of Neuschwabenland. In the sarcophagus were still a number of technical devices and instructions that now became available to the Vril Society. The “ILAT-LITUM” was divided into several engraved metal plates or tablets, brought to Berlin and decoded into German by some experts from the Orient. When the plates were found, no one could read them, because they were in Sumerian/Akkadian.

This is what a Thule member told me when I asked what ILAT-LITUM is (this email excerpt is translated from German):

“This book was written for those who were left behind on the planet KI, which we now call Earth. It shows us the history of the gods since their arrival, the war with the Reptoids, the emergence of new types and species, the advancement of the DNA and more…

The book was also mentioning the signs that will show when the Gods return. It is the story of ourselves and all our deeds. The book was not completely handed over to a human. Only with Vril-Odin’s departure a full translation was given.

Vril-Odin is used to navigate in a timeless space (hyper-space or time/space as opposed to space/time), as well as to assess the upcoming events. Therefore, it would be very dangerous if it gets into the wrong hands. Also, Supriem’s actions will be recorded in this book, as well as that of Wes Penre and the path of xxx (name of the author of this email — withheld). Only when we all understand that we are children of the gods, there will be peace and the divine plan is closed for another eon.

ILAT-LITUM contains accurate information on the landing of the Anunnaki Gods on Earth and the fight with the Reptoids. Inside the sarcophagus were also instructions how to build the “Vril-Odin” space craft. The “Vril-Odin” was built per the instructions and was up and flying in the fall of 1944. On board the craft was Reichskanzler Adolf Hitler. The destination of the flight of Vril-Odin was Sumi-An in the Aldebaran solar system.”

According to the Thule insider, all subsequent appearances of Hitler were done by his doubles. The corpse in the bunker was the body of a double as well. I happened to find a short 10 minutes YouTube video on this very subject as well, called Vril-Haunebu. The secret recordings of Hitler on this subject were passed to the Vatican by a Bishop Bremer and these archives are supposed to be opened up in 2012.

The annex to the text of the “Conversation in the Crypt” is on the same facts. It was sent to me in full by a German Thule member and was then of course in German. The original and an English translation can be found in the Appendix of this book. The German original document is called, “Gespräche in der Krypta” and is supposedly channeled information.

The full English version (German original in the Appendix section) of ILAT-LITUM as it was found in Antarctica will be presented in Chapter X, where we discuss the Return of the Gods.

Nazis in Antarctica, 1939
Nazis in Antarctica, 1939

Captian Ritscher, when he made his expedtion, followed the instructions from the Vril Society and channeled information, mainly from the Vril Society’s own medium, Sigrun. This means that Ritscher did not find the sarcophagus by accident but was following channeled instructions.

We know that Maria Orsic received channeled information regarding the Tablets already in 1919-1924 but wasn’t able to decode and interpret it, because it was in Sumerian/Akkadian.

We need to remember that the technology known to common people is at least a hundred years up to thousands of years behind the technology used in secret. Moon bases have since long been established, and you don’t use a slow and unsafe space shuttle to move between planets in our solar system. The Vril power has a lot to do with space technology and how to travel outside this planet. The “disc” that the Anunnaki God are talking about in ILAT-LITUM, which they are rotating (or spinning) is from my understanding a Vril machine.

Aldebaran Star System
Aldebaran Star System

On March 2, 2009, someone high up told me Supriem and Hathor made clearance plans to arrive at “Access 3”, their moon base, on the subsequent day of March 3. They are taking a “Sport Model” disk for the trip, he said, and it seats three. There is a “Dharma Blue” network that handles all of the clearance so they can track inbound and outbound space traffic.

Supriem at the Neumayer Station in Antarctica
Supriem at the Neumayer Station in Antarctica

The third seat in their craft should have supposedly been occupied by the head representative of the Draco-Anunnaki Alliance, who serves Supriem. They will also be trailed by another craft with a USAF DB1 Team. DB1 is Dharma Blue 1, meaning they leave Earth and work with other alien races. DB2 (Dharma Blue 2) means they stay on Earth and are cleared to work with other alien races here (this is the only time in my research that I stumble upon the Draco-Anunnaki Alliance, so at this point I can’t explain further what that means).

After Supriem left Access 3, they headed into Sumi Aldebaran orbit for what they call a “Link Up” — that’s where several craft form a straight line about 1,500 meters apart and they link up a hologram communication.

At 5:33 AM on March 3, 2009, Supriem arrived at the Neumayer Station in Antarctica. Shortly thereafter, he and two companions were leaving Earth and went to the Moon base, “Access 3”, just as planned. What changed from the original plan, for unknown reasons, was that Hathor stayed in South Africa, where Supriem kept her in exile at the moment, and someone else took her seat. No one I have spoken to knows who replaced Hathor, but there are rumors that the seat was taken by a member from another alien race. However, this is unconfirmed to this date.

Neumayer Station in Antarctica
Neumayer Station in Antarctica

The following video will take you to a 10 seconds long clip supposedly taken from Supriem’s “Sport Model” (from an previous trip) leaving “Access 3” on the Moon. At the end of the video you can hear Supriem’s distinct voice.

Click here to watch the video.

It’s in .mov format, so you will need QuickTime Media Player to be able to watch it. You can download the latest version on the Internet for free. You may also be able to watch it in a recent version of RealPlayer.

I have had people ask me about the authenticity of the moon video, so I had it analyzed by people who have the means and knowledge to do so (which I don’t). Thus far, everybody admits to that it sure looks like the real thing. They have scrutinized every frame and can’t see anywhere that this is a fake. So it looks like Supriem actually was on the moon. I also need to add that the people who analyzed this video were at first very skeptic regarding its authenticity but changed their minds.

Area 51, by the way, is a cover. The real base the Priesthood is flying their craft from is in a mountain in Utah. When they take their craft into space, they leave from Utah to Antarctica and then exit the atmosphere from there.

There is apparently a lot of UFO and underground activity in Utah. There are lots of witnesses, many are Mormons and former Mormons, who say that there is a network of underground tunnels beneath Salt Lake City and some of these people have seen reptilian beings there as well. Google it and you will find some interesting material to study.

There are several different races visiting Earth and Supriem is allegedly working on uniting them all, even though they have different agendas. They all obey him because he is superior to them in the Universal Hierarchy.

They are going to start increasing UFO sightings very soon. Everything changes this year and 2009 is also the year Supriem is planning on going public.

Interestingly enough, shortly after I published this book on June 17 2009, UFO sightings have increased in numbers rapidly. Here is some evidence:

—> Chapter 5 (continued)



[1] Ref:
[2] Ref: Scroll down or do a search for Supriem on this page, and you will find the above message.
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[4] Keep the Black Stone in mind. We are going to cover it in great details in a following chapter

Chapter IV: Hathor – Supriem’s Goddess

by Wes Penre, Sunday May 10, 2009 at 11:35 AM

Hathor, a Reanimation of the Egyptian Goddess?

Eye of Ra

Everybody who knows Supriem knows of Hathor, his young, beautiful girlfriend. Her real name in this incarnation is Nikki Williams and she is, among other things, a singer from Nashville, Tennessee. Just like Supriem himself, she comes across as very charming and lovable. Supriem claims Nikki is a reanimation of Hathor and that the two were together way back then, as can be read in history books. Hathor, curiously enough, was the Goddess of music and art, which corresponds with her being a singer in present time.

Hathor was an Egyptian Goddess —  the “Eye of Ra”, and we already know that one of Supriem’s names is Marduk Ra, who became Amen Ra (the “Hidden” RA), the old Egyptian Deity.

I am going to give you a little background on Hathor and Ra to better understand the occult connection between Hathor and Supriem/Ra.

The following quote about the Goddess Hathor is from Wikipedia:

She was known as the eye of Ra. Hathor was an ancient goddess, and was worshipped as a cow-deity from at least 2700 BCE during the second dynasty. She was the daughter of Ra and Nut. Her worship by the Egyptians goes back earlier however, possibly, even by the Scorpion King [see picture of Hathor underneath this Wikipedia entry and notice her scorpion tattoo, Wes’ comment] who ruled during the Protodynastic Period before the dynasties began. His name, Serqet, may refer to the goddess Serket. The two figures flanking the top of both sides of the Narmer Palette are interpreted as images of the cow goddess. The palette is among the earliest carved religious images known from the Egyptian culture. Later she was described as the wife of Ra [my emphasis], the creator whose own cosmic birth was formalised in the Ogdoad cosmogeny after his worship arose and displaced that of Horus. At that time images of Ra bear the eye motif.

Hathor posing with a jockey, showing the scorpion tattoo on her right foot. See highlight in the above Wikipedia entry. Coincidence? I would say, "truth hidden in plain sight".

Hathor posing with a jockey, showing the scorpion tattoo on her right foot. See highlight in the above Wikipedia entry. Coincidence? Some say the tattoo symbolizes her astrological sign. It could be a coincidence, but it's pretty curious

Closeup of the scorpion on Hathor's foot

Closeup of the scorpion on Hathor's foot

Here is an even better picture

Here is an even better picture, sent to me by Hathor/Nikki

The picture above where Hathor poses with the tall polo jockey was sent to me by an Insider, who had received it from somebody who attended that event, and Hathor and Supriem did not know I was getting that picture, according to the source. The sender didn’t even know Hathor had a scorpion tattoo on her foot — that was something I noticed, and by “accident” happened to stumble upon the Wikipedia entry at the same time and could make that connection.

However, as time went on and a few of my sources came back and Supriem realized that the information is out there and people had most certainly already downloaded the pictures and the web pages as well, he decided to turn this around to his favor and use me as his personal writer. This is why the closeup of the foot on red background was sent to me by Hathor herself through one of Supriem’s associates. There are a few other pictures, many of them of Supriem himself, in future chapters that were sent to me with his blessing as well, for me to post. The fact that he is pretty ego fixated also makes it easy for me to get pictures from him on a regular basis. He likes to see pictures of himself, most certainly.

Supriem Wants to Recruit Me

A few of people, including Supriem himself,  tried to assure me that Supriem is working for the good of humanity — that he is our only hope, that he has redeemed himself and is now working close ly together with the Universal Father to save mankind. They explained to me that Lucifer had a choice once he was reanimated (a slightly different thing than being reincarnated, something we will learn later on) into Supriem Rockefeller whether he wanted to make the Bible Prophecies regarding the AntiChrist and the Battle of Armageddon come true, or if he wanted to choose what he calls “The Urantia Book Path” and merge with the Universal Father and become one with him and eventually even BE him. They told me he had chosen the latter.

At that point I also knew I would lose all my sources in his camp if I refused to cooperate with him, so I stood before a dilemma. I had two choices:

  1. I could refuse to cooperate with him and he and the Insiders would probably shut off all communication with me. I was aware at that point that the information I had thus far was not enough. And if I wouldn’t be able to get information from his camp, my efforts would be more or less in vain. The story was incomplete — many people didn’t believe me because I didn’t have enough “meat” for the story to make total sense. So I could leave it with that, knowing it would be very hard, maybe even impossible to get the information I needed to come out and inform people and prepare them. Also, at that point I wasn’t even sure what I believed myself. There was “missing data”.
  2. I could cooperate with him and hope to get enough information to come full circle and thus hopefully find out who he really is and go from there. All I wanted was to come as close to the present scene and their planned future as I possibly could, in spite of where it led me.

I chose option #2.

Soon I stood in front of a new dilemma — suddenly Supriem wanted me to pull the blog! I mentioned this already in the Prologue, but here are the fine details:

The request to pull the blog (Lucifer’s Redemption) came through a liaison officer, who in his turn emphasized that the request came from Supriem himself. He said that when time is right, about 2-6 months down the line after I pulled it in April 2009, Supriem wanted to give me exclusive information that I could post with his permission — information he would give me personally to tell the world. Again, he reassured me he is working for the best of humanity and that he doesn’t mind if the truth comes out once he is up to a certain point in his process, and that it’s important that we wait until then.

Of course, this could be interpreted in at least two ways.

One would be that he was sincere in the sense that he really wanted me to be his ‘alternative media’ writer, because I broke the story in the first place and had over a 100,000 visitors before I pulled the blog — and that was in less than two months. So he knew he had to come up with an explanation at one point or another, or people would start forums and come up with their own conclusions which could damage his cause.

Or, it could be he was pulling my leg in the sense that he just wanted me to delete the blog because it was inconvenient to have the information out there, and he “promised” me exclusive rights which he would never give me. What I found odd was why he would use me, who is not even a professional writer, for the task of being his spokesman when he had International Mass Media behind him. Something didn’t add up. He said it was because he wanted to return the favor if I agreed to his request…

So my response to his camp was that I was willing to pull the blog if Supriem’s camp still promised to continue to give me information while the blog is offline. They promised me they would.

I thought that iff I pulled the blog, I could always put it back up anytime if Supriem doesn’t keep his word, and I would get a chance to receive the information I need — some of it which had not yet been revealed to me, but was crucial for the story. Also, importantly, I had the opportunity to restructure the whole thing so it is more easily accessible to the reader.

After I pulled the blog, there was silence for a while until I started asking questions again, and to my satisfaction my sources continued to reply and give me info as long as I kept it to myself for the time being. Supriem’ is  still giving me information up to this day, so he kept his word. However, neither Supriem, nor his men knew that I was writing this e-book. I am sure they followed my blog, News From Behind the Scenes with great interest and they were okay with it as long as I was not mentioning Supriem, and they probably saw my posts there that I am preparing this e-book. Still, it is my belief that they thought I was preparing it for THEIR purposes, so I can be more ready once Supriem gives me a “go ahead”. He had no idea that I am releasing this information without his consent.

With that said, let’s go back to the story about Hathor.

The Egyptian Connection

Some Insiders firmly believe that Ra and Supriem are one and the same and that Hathor is a reincarnation (reanimation) of the Egyptian Goddess Hathor — Nikki Williams in her current incarnation. Look at the two pictures below and it is striking how much she looks like the Goddess Hathor in this old Egyptian artifact. Another interesting question comes to mind: why are Ra and Hathor portrayed with white skin? This is old Egypt where people had black skin.

Hathor and Amen Ra

Hathor and Amen Ra

Hathor today - any resemblance?

Hathor today - any resemblance?

You may ask yourself why I am stressing their physical resemblance, but there is a reason for that. I talked earlier about Supriem not really being reincarnated, but rather reanimated, which is the key here. Same thing goes for Hathor, according to the sources I have. Reanimation means that you take the Manisola (life force) from an angelic being and put it in a fetus. The child that is born will look the same as he/she did in the last reanimation. More about this in Chapter 6.

If we go even deeper into the Egyptian Mystery Religions, we find that Ra both created and married Hathor. Once again, from Wikipedia:

In the later myths Ra was seen to have created Sekhmet, the early lioness war goddess who becomes Hathor [my emphasis], the cow goddess after she has sufficiently punished mankind as an avenging Eye of Ra. This changes the themes of much earlier myths into aspects of his and he is often said to be the father of both and brother to the god Osiris. Afterward nearly all forms of life supposedly were created only by Ra, who called each of them into existence by speaking their secret names and eventually humans were created from Ra’s tears and sweat, hence the Egyptians call themselves the “Cattle of Ra.”

Now we can better understand the ancient connection between Supriem/Ra and Hathor/Hathor, the Goddess with the same name. In combination with what you have read so far in this article, the occult connection suddenly makes sense. Then, is it true that Supriem is a reanimation of Ra and Hathor is a reanimation of Hathor? We’ll see where this story leads us.

Hathor is clueless on the business dealings — Supriem has told her nothing. They do go out drinking and to dinner but they both usually have hats on for some kind of disguise. Witnesses have seen Supriem drink an entire bottle of vodka and it didn’t affect him the least.

Another Insider has seen Hathor being able to get anyone to do what she wants — she apparently has strong influencing capabilities. This Insider is saying the following about her personality:

She can be very sweet and adorable but no way would I want to be on her bad side. If she’s angry, she is vengeful and merciless. [1]



[1] Since this chapter was written, Hathor has decided she wants to live a “normal life” as Nikki Williams and has separated romantically from Supriem. Supriem’s comment to this is that he doesn’t think it will last, because now she is broke and she is used to getting what she wants.

—> Chapter 5

Chapter I: Supriem Rockefeller – How It All Started

by Wes Penre, Friday May 8, 2009 at 7:02 AM

Supriem Rockefeller in Jerusalem
Supriem Rockefeller in Jerusalem

His full name is Supriem David Rockefeller, a 35 year old man who says he is Lucifer redeemed, the Messiah the world has been waiting for and the Bible has been telling us about. He is supposedly the man secret societies have been anticipating and prepared for since ancient times. He says he is the one who rebelled against God, The Universal Father and caused the Wars in Heaven. He is the one who created ‘sin’ and is the reason the world is in the shape it’s in. According to himself, after thousands of years in exile, he has now returned, as spirit, in the body of Supriem Rockefeller, but has redeemed himself. Instead of bringing the world to its knees and fulfill the End Time Prophecies, he has decided to save the world he once had the purpose to destroy. Upon all this, he is also the Jewish Messiah. As you may know, the Jewish religion does not acknowledge Jesus Christ as being their savior or Messiah — they are still waiting for their Messiah to show up.

People I have corresponded with, who know him, tell me that Supriem has two sided to him – he can be very charming and likable, someone you want to be friends with, while the other side of him is a ruthless businessman with a strong vision with which nothing and no one is allowed to interfere.

I thought this all sounded pretty strange when I started looking into him, but I have now researched this matter for months, endlessly and tirelessly, and come to the conclusion that Supriem “is for real”. If it was only him, it would be easy to write him off as delusional already from the start, but when I found out that the Military, NATO, The UN and more are now supporting him behind the scenes, I had to seriously reconsider. This man is on a mission and he is determined to reach his goals!

But is he really who he says he is or what is going on? To answer any question we need to back up and start from the beginning. You who read the blog I pulled, Lucifer’s Redemption”, recognize some of the information presented here, but please don’t skip, because there are new sections within the “old” sections as well as entirely new sections — therefore I advise you to read everything again so you don’t miss out.

The Letter to Leo Zagami

Leo Zagami is an “Illuminati” defector, who used to be one of the Top Players in the European “Illuminati”. He was born into, and one of the heads of the European “Illuminati” Power Elite and the Grandmaster of the notorious Freemasonic P2 lodge in Italy as well as The Knights of Malta. After he left his positions, he started going public with inside information and that’s when I came to know him through email correspondence. I am always alert with defectors, because it could be a psy op with the purpose to spread disinformation to discredit researchers, but Leo Zagami started out as a real whistle-blower, although he seems to have fallen off the track lately as we shall see. It sounds he may have sold himself to Intelligence Agencies to accomplish a certain agenda. Nevertheless:

Leo Zagami was raised within the occult Brotherhood and knows nothing else. To break out from that lifestyle is a huge accomplishment and requires a lot of courage. And he has paid for it. He fled to Norway where the Brotherhood took his son and wife away from him and he eventually had to flee from Norway too.

He is of Italian blood and hot tempered. He is now creating his own organization, his own “Illuminati” to fight the Vatican, which he believes is the root to the evil of this world. I am convinced he started out with good intentions — I have in fac communicated with him a lot in the past — and was truly putting his life at stake, and I commend him for that. However, he and I have always had different opinions how to fight these Powers. I am a pacifist (more about that later), and don’t believe in war and that “the end justifies the means”, while Zagami was fighting back the only way he knows — with intelligence and force. He has been threatening his former “Brothers”, saying he will kill them if he gets a chance, and that, of course, makes him a target for those who understand that he was serious. But that was when he was a serious defector. Rumors, many of them from reliable sources, say that Zagami was forced to sell himself to work for the CIA and that he is no longer to be trusted. I can’t confirm this, but I can truly see he is now a totally different person than he was when he and I communicated, shortly after he had defected.

As an example, I want to draw your attention to a certain YouTube video showing an interview with Zagami while in jail in Italy for calling the Italian Government corrupt. But he also thinks that he is the direct bloodline of Jesus Christ, The Holy Grail — not the Merovingians — and therefore is the new Messiah who will take over after the Tribulation. This is one explanation why Supriem Rockefeller is his arch enemy:]. He has also started a resistance group with Benjamin Fulford, a relationship which in my opinion is very fishy: Although I think Fulford is basically a good guy, it looks to me like he was threatened as well and made a pact with the Powers That Be. He admits to it to a certain degree, but is quick to add that the relationship with these powers were much on his terms. Go figure. I think he’s stuck between a rock and a hard place, from what it seems.

Leo Zagami

Leo Zagami

Before we go on, I need to explain a term that is commonly used by researchers in general. The term is “Illuminati”. This is an unfortunate choice, as it makes us attack the wrong group. The Power Elite we are usually talking about when we say Illuminati don’t call themselves that – their inner circle call themselves Priesthood of Amen, The Brotherhood of Shadows, or just The Brotherhood. That’s what they have called themselves for a long time, since they infiltrated the original Priesthood more than a thousand years ago under the leadership of Charles Martel, according to Supriem and the Thule Order. Just like Freemasonry was infiltrated once, so was the Priesthood of Amen. Therefore we have two sections of the Priesthood today and there is an internal power struggle because of this. But more about this in Chapter II.

The real Illuminati is the Bavarian Illuminati, which was created by Adam Weishaupt in the 1700s and is an Order based more on “reason” and “science” than the occult, although it is an occult order as well. The Bavarian Illuminati still exists and is working behind the scenes to counter the current Power Elite (the 13 Bloodlines) to establish their own New World Order and One World Government based on meritocracy rather than democracy. According to people within the modern version of “Weishaupt’s Order”, they were behind the French Revolution and the American Revolution as well. The Order existed long before Adam Weishaupt, but restructured themselves under his leadership and took the name “Illuminati”, the “Enlightened Ones”. Their agenda goes outside the scope of this story and will not be mentioned here any further. The reason I bring them up is because from now on I will use the terms Illuminati and Priesthood of Amen sometimes interchangeably, but they both, for my purpose, point to the same group, which is the Priesthood of Amen and the 13 Bloodlines, and never intend to mean the Bavarian Illuminati. If you want to read more about the modern Bavarian Illuminati, go to this website, and you can also read OSHO’s website:

Leo Zagami received an email from Supriem Rockefeller in late 2008, trying to recruit him and his organization. This email was first sent to Michael N. Prescott, whom at that time was Supriem’s business partner and self-proclaimed Prophet. On directions from Supriem, Prescott forwarded this email to Zagami, who refused to cooperate. At that point Prescott wrote a nasty email back to Zagami which context was so obscure that Supriem’s PR department had to write Zagami and apologize for Prescott’s behavior. Zagami, hot tempered and on a contrary mission to Supriem’s, made Supriem’s email public.

Here is the conversation in full, which is also posted on this site. After I had read it myself for the first time, I contacted Zagami, who confirmed the email and told me Supriem is now his arch enemy  [note: the links provided in the letter were inserted by me, Wes, for those who want to explore this complex science further]:

Date: Wed, 3 Dec 2008 18:42:59 -0600
From: Supriem Rockefeller
To: Michael N Prescott
Subject: Re: “Buy Sell”

Forward this to them-

As you may know, the Vatican has been hiding the truth from the public about the Messiah. They have implanted into the public’s mind that Jesus was the Messiah, which they know not to be true. The word Vatican means ‘House of the Serpent’ which the Pope even has the Serpent on his chest plate and he carries the Sun staff, the symbol of Marduk Ra.

I was Marduk Ra but became Amen Ra once I was sentenced into exile. Amen just means ‘The Hidden One’.

They pledge their allegiance to me by placing the obelisk in St Peters Court inside the Sun Circle surrounded by the Celestial Cross.

The German order called ‘Thule Orden’ and ‘Vril Society’ know who I am, n fact, they found me after they had access to the Vatican’s vault and read about me. The text form [sic] 2026 BC said ‘In the Second Coming, he will call himself ‘Supriem’ and come from the west’. No matter how you spell Supriem or Supreme, it is still SPRM. They even saw drawings that looked exactly like me.

They told me that they knew I was Lucifer, the Son of G-D, leader of the 12 Elohim and keepers of the D12 Stargate. Marduk Ra was just one of my names, I am the same life force as YHWH, Samech, Moloch, Azazel, Lucifer and the Supreme Deity.

It is time for my rule again, thus those who are against it will perish. In fact I have the ability to end Earth as a planet if I see fit. The time is around the corner for my rule, Heil Imperium!!

The Thule wanted to test my DNA, so I allowed them because I knew they were important to my alliance. They found that I do carry the Triple Helix Blue Blood of the Elohim. In fact, I have more than one DNA sequence.

They knew that my several thousand year exile ends in 2009 (according to the 12/60 frequency in which I was sentenced, not the 13/20 frequency).

I have more than one DNA sequence because I am born of both Elders and Ancients (Serpent or Reptilian). I was given the DNA sequence of the REAL Trinity – Baal, Astarte, Tammuz – all into ‘One Male’ – Lucifer – The True Messiah.

2009 is the Second Coming, the exile is over. I have several races, not from Earth, that I lead and they are waiting on me. I have an army of multi- dimensional beings that are subservient to me. [These are the Alpha Draconis REPTOIDS and the Orion Group REPTILIANS.] We use magical rites to control the invisible world affected by the three dimensional world.

We have a technology that no one can stop. The ramifications of this technology used as a weapon are something out of a science fiction movie. We have to ensure that this technology stays within our working group. Someone could use this to disable aircraft from 400 miles away and there is nothing to trace, it would just look like the aircraft had a system failure and plummeted out of the sky.

Someone could use this to disable any alarm system, create a financial crisis by aiming at a stock exchange, someone could start wiping out every satellite in constellation and leave zero trace of what, where and how this happened. The 400 mile range is minimum, it can be increased via plasma antennas.

In fact, I have drafted The Allied Union constitution which is a policy making organization that unites 220 countries under one flag with an entirely digital universal currency called the ‘Allied Unit’ that works over the ‘Supriem Network’.

The ‘Supriem Network Plan’ is attached in this E-Mail. To answer a question, someone asked me about how do you get every country to comply?

Simple, first it will be obvious that this is the only way society in the future will prevail and if that is not enough, have you ever seen the movie ‘The Day Earth Stood Still’? The story maybe fiction but the warning and technology is real. Let’s say ‘Country Orange’ did not want to comply, now all of the sudden their country’s defense system and major economic institutions are paralysed by something they don’t understand or cannot figure out but they were warned in advance so they know who is controlling it. This is why I say it is imperative this technology never gets out of our hands, it is the ultimate weapon of a silent [endless] war.

What we have here is not a morality tale of right and wrong, good or evil, it is simply an ultimatum to the countries– “You either comply with us for a more efficient and proficient society or you won’t have a society. “

My group, which consists of former employees and some currently employed by various Intelligence Agencies and my own group based in Germany with Russian and Nordic sects, and a vast presence in South America and Antarctica, are wanting to speak to Lockheed-Martin about incorporating this technology on their satellite constellation so the entire globe would be covered. We can offer them a partnership.

If one satellite 300 miles above the Earth were retrofitted with one of our antennas, you could disable any electronic device in Northern America via an EMP effect. Our knowledge is based in Resonant Frequency and we have mapped the tonal range of Earth’s frequencies including gravity and how to detune and change oscillation of X, Y, Z axis.

Same principal behind the resonant tuning of point A to point B for an envelope effect of collapsed time-space, creating something similar to what you call a ‘Casimir Effect’ and understanding the ‘Impossible Space-Time Transition’ of 2×10-33 cm, 10-43 seconds. Sorry, can’t really translate equations in email.

Our ‘Vril Power’ is synergistically combining Gravity Units (GU) at positions specified by the coordinates (x1, x2, …) and (u) – a process in time, can be thought of as a matrix-valued function of dimensionality (n1, n2, …) U=(ux1×2…) (n1, n2, …).

If the status of a gravity unit varies as a function of time then, at any given instant, a ’snapshot’ of that gravity unit at that instant in time would be ui=u(ti).

You will first have to understand Gravity Units (GU) and Knowledge Units (KU) combined with Time (T) and its frequency in which you resonate.

Our concept of TIME undoubtedly presents new ideas which are unknown for you. First of all we cannot regard Time as a dimension or continuum, as you do. It is not that time is quantified, but one cannot conceive a moment as a point on the axis of time.

The interval dt, although it can tend towards zero, could never be perceived as small as we would like to. There is another aspect to this question we wish to underline.

You consider that the highest speed a sub-particle in the cosmos can reach is 299,780 kmph (speed of light) and you regard this speed as ‘constant’. This is not a poor measurement. Indeed, it is this same speed that we recorded within this same three-dimensional framework, but all one needs to do is change framework or three-dimensional system so that this limiting Speed changes remarkably up to the point where the only reference which can reflect the change of axis is the measurement of this speed or constant, C. I would have to get into the detail traveling using Resonant Frequency at another time, to complicated for email.

Back to my original topic, it is imperative that your group is our partner to keep under wraps for our working group, it doesn’t cost you anything to be part, we are not asking for money. We are going to cover the planet’s ground and sky with this spectrum, an artificial ‘aether’ if you will. I was also presented with an opportunity from the Russians, I was told Putin was the original source, for us to buy up an entire stockpile of CU 63,65 which you may know is used for satellites and in weapons.

Eglin AFB tests the SFW (Sensor Fused [sic] Weapon) which use copper as its main munition. I would like to have talks with Lockheed asap for partnership discussions.

As you can see with the news and its status quo, everything is lining up to usher in the ‘Supriem Network’.

Let’s also talk about the returns I can bring in through our ‘Buy Sell Program’, if you think it is an absurd amount on the return, you have nothing to lose to find out the truth. Like I said, we never touch your money, all we need is the proof of funds to proceed and the money never leaves your bank. This is a great way to be autonomous and self-funding to exclude external auditing. This technology I offer must always stay in our own working group that we will put together.

We are about to reshape the world. The ‘Supriem Network’ will soon be the only way for financial transactions and communications. It connects the entire planet.

Democracy has failed and it is time to show what One Ruler with a strong team backing him can do, I know you are with me. Michael Prescott is my right hand man, so you can continue working through him at this juncture, I will step in as the situation progresses.

Supriem Samech Marduk Ra Lucifer (Finally Redeemed) Head of the True Elohim, God of Victory and Son of the Creator, G-D

And here is Prescott’s further email correspondence with Zagami:

> From: Michael Prescott
> Subject: Tuesday
> To: Leo Zagami
> Date: Wednesday, 10 December, 2008, 6:22 AM
> Brother, Leo.

> My brother I am a servant like you and what a privilege it is to serve
> the true messiah, I know how the weight of this can rest on your
> shoulders my brother, but I encourage you this, he is the one answer
> for you and me as well, as the world, that will be realized, I give
> you my testimony, that the one, I speak to is Lucifer he is here, yes,
> I say it is him, since I have come to meet him in destiny, my life has
> been whole, he is worthy, ‘Supriem’ is one of his names but he is
> Lucifer and by the purity of The Luciferian Doctrine can we only find
> absolution with peace and the new world order can be realized. no
> matter what, let nothing take away from your faith, you labor hard and
> I know you do, lets work together and lets make a new day for the lord
> is here.
> -Fraternally,
> Michael Prescott

Saturday, 13 December, 2008 10:32 PM
From: Michael Prescott
To: Leo Zagami


Leo we tried to bring you in on board, and work with you over there obviously that didn’t seem to workout so despite our dismay for the way things have been I would think sooner or later the brethren over there will come around and know who we are for all good intents and purposes of the NWO, We have a very large core following of loyal brethren over here in the USA and the numbers of our followers are growing so we do have an absolute core of loyal brethren to us and we will continue to work with them over here as the events of the world unfold into Supriem’s hands for he is divine deity and he is The Messiah who is here to take away the pains of the world and bring a new day for all mankind, until then we will have to meet up with you in the crossroads of cooperation later on, we just don’t eye to eye right now but I’m most certain that soon we will as the entire world learns who Supriem and I are.

Bro. Michael N. Prescott

But Prescott didn’t let go with this and couldn’t help but sending the following raging email to Zagami in addition:

From: Michael Prescott
Date: Wed, 7 Jan 2009 07:24:28 +0000
To: Leo Zagami
Subject: Leo The wanna be Illuminati

Dear Leo,

You are such a prideful piece of shit, fuck you, you think you can sell a story about us or somehow gain from it, I know who you are and I know who DXXXX XXXXX is and if you think for one moment you can match our power, think again, you will not want Supriems rebuke and he will mock you in your hour of decline, you of little faith always need proof, let me tell you this if you don’t believe in Supriem then you don’t believe anything and we will expell you from Rome and anyone who has any dealings with you, test us, go ahead, you tell anyone who challenges us, they will perish where they stand, and you all will bow down and worship Supriem and make for yourselves his image and worship, in honor of him, and no matter who you are great or small rich or poor king or subject alike you will all take his mark, so let me tell you Leo if you think you are going to start a shit talking campaign on us just remember rome is not that far away and when we rule this world you will have no where to hide, you and DXXXX XXXXXX, are little piss ants, DXXXXXX thinks hes some big rich CEO who is expemt from honoring Supriem well hes got it wrong also, you better tell all the Illuminati who think like you that they had better fall in line and forget who they are and there big names because to us they are nothing and we will ride right over them all combined, so we had better see some humble submission very soon because you will not want to see us face to face in your current poor blind and destitude state.

This led to that someone working for Supriem’s PR department had to write and apologize on Prescott’s behalf:

Da: brad pruitt
A: Leo Zagami
Inviato: 7 Gen 2009 23:58
Oggetto: Supriem Rockefeller wishes no harm to you.

I am a close representative of Supriem, we know that you have been contacted and even threatened. Supriem wants you to know that he never authorized anyone to make such threats and that he stands with anyone who is for the betterment of mankind. He would never authorize such threats to be made to you or your group. He wishes nothing but the best for you and your future endeavors and he would love to help if he can.

Supriem asked me personally to send this email and to make sure that you know he is not a person who would ever send threats, he prides himself on being very diplomatic. Thank you for your time and please let me know you received this email.

Brad Pruitt
SDR Representative

So this is how it all started and these letter were what really caught my attention. I had the feeling that something was going on worth looking into. Little did I know what was to unfold.

Michael N. Prescott, Supriem’s Former Business Partner and Self-Proclaimed Prophet



Before we continue, I need to include the following short-story, introducing Michael Prescott, “The Third Prophet” on the scene.

The following is a quote from Prescott’s MySpace page (this page was taken down shortly after I published my first blog on this subject), where he was telling us who he is and what his prophecies are about. He was stressing how important it is to follow Supriem in his cause and listen to the “Prophet” (Prescott):

“Behold!. I am The One True Prophet Who is at The Right Hand of The Messiah, Beheld! Come Now Worship Him & Erect For Yourselves His Image And Worship, In Honor Of Him, For He Is Worthy! The Pure Blue Bloodline of Elohim, Rejoice! For The New Aeon is Near!”

“WO To Those Who Reject Us For They Shall Meet No Quarter. WO To Those Who Lean On Their Own Understanding For They Shall See No Victory. WO To Those Who Reject This Message For They Shall Know No Peace.”

“I am awakened and I seek the few who are left to prepare them for greatness that which will extend beyond infinity there on into eternity, where freewill is known not, and will never be so again,”

“I bring the sword with my tongue and to all who willfully attempt to assume the same by no appointment are fools, I have been appointed and anointed to serve as that which I am.”

“The spirit through me expressidly constitutes itself with principle authority, not to be mistaken otherwise to be that which it’s not.”

Then he goes on quoting from the Book of Revelation and is posting a photoshopped picture of Supriem dressed up like a king and wrote the letters 666 all over the image.

About a month after he pulled his MySpace page with all this information, he created a new one, which as of this day is quite empty, but I’m sure he will add a lot more information in the near future, so keep an eye on it:

Prescott's Freemasonic initiation into the 32°

Prescott's Freemasonic initiation into the 32°

Freemasons from Prescott's lodge

Freemasons from Prescott's lodge

Mr. Prescott is a high initiate in the Freemasonic Order. The above photos are from his deleted MySpace page. The top one is an initiation to the 32nd Degree Freemason, ‘Master of The Royal Secret’. In addition to being a Freemason he is also a Mormon and claims to have close connections with the President of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Mr. Thomas S. Monson. The Mormon Church is also connected to the Thule Gesellschaft, which we shall see later on, and Supriem himself. Utah, as most of us know, is more or less run by the Mormon Church, and this particular State is also important to Supriem and the Vril Society, as it is a secret platform for launching man-made UFOs into space, supposedly. But we will talk about this in a later chapter.

Thomas S. Monson (right)

Thomas S. Monson (right) and Henry B. Eyring, First Counselor (left)

Since the beginning of March 2009 and throughout that month, I communicated back and forth with Michael Prescott, discussing the matters of this book, and suddenly the communication stopped for a while. Then, I received an email from one of my sources on March 4, telling me that Supriem shut down Prescott’s MySpace page because he thought Prescott’s presentation of Supriem was ‘too dark’. And when I checked, the MySpace page was indeed down, so I emailed Prescott and asked about his sudden silence. I got a reply from him, where he said: “I’m sorry I have no comment about Myspace I neither confirm nor deny even having such a page…”]. Shortly after that, however, he started talking to me again, saying he had things to tell me.

The “new” Prescott was totally different from the one on MySpace. He was now less scattered, more focused and had changed his message quite drastically. He had suddenly “turned around” and presented Supriem in a much lighter way. I later found out that this was the time when the Thule Society activated his Triple Helix DNA. We will discuss the Triple Helix project in large details in a future chapter. It is of great importance and at the heart of everything related to these subjects.

Prescott wanted me to present his prophecies on this page, so here they are:

Behold! I give this prophecy to the entire world that you will see it come to pass.

Delivered by the Prophet, Michael Noel Prescott
Date: 3/10/09, 1 of 3

My brothers and sisters of the world, this message has been given by God for you to know. So now then take heed all ye who have ears to hear and eyes to see for this is prophecy. I have seen the condition of this world degrade and fall victim to itself, an economic crisis of utterly no resolve, we’re embattled by terrorism and we have all been plagued by our own pride and harmful ways which are reflected in this world in one form or another, yet we see it not, yes we have heard, but we have listen to nothing at all, how long can we ignore the signs on the wall? how long can we turn a blind eye to the iniquities we transgress with? As for me I do not know the answer myself, but I will ask you to examine yourselves searching your own motives and, what kinds of things you hold dear?

Are you hot or cold? Is your yes, yes? And you’re no, no? or perhaps you ride in between it all, standing on your own ground, in your own opinion, now is there really such a place; as third common ground?, Neutral perhaps, if you will, independent or otherwise, yes to some this is a false reality they live for, and I understand it’s origin, for here on Earth, we have many concepts of divinity, many philosophies of what’s right, what’s wrong so on and so forth and as many of them harbor a common denominator of consistent failure or otherwise, put them all together it doesn’t matter, for they all are empty promises of lies unfulfilled, do we then just forget all the humanity and blood they’ve spilled as a result of their application? By holding onto these forsaken paths of mans wisdom, which after all is only the tried and true methodology of proven utter failure bringing unwanted rebuke at the end, destruction and mockery is always going to be due, and that only by the time we again realize that we were wrong, so now then whether we admit it or not, it does not make it any less true, for truth, is not truth, before it is first lived, that fact is immutable, should we deny the wind is blowing? only because we do not see it, yet the winds of change blowing rampantly across the nations, are being felt none the less these days, are they not?.

Verily I say unto you as surely as the contents of an entire pool can be known, by just one single drop, so can now the condition of the world be also known, by just one person, who selflessly testifies to the state of his knowing and his knowing be weighed against such a wisdom that is not of his own, but rather the words of divine prophecy, which come in a time of great famine for truth, Oh how we seek the face of wisdom in the turmoil of despair when all who seek truth, will not find it, by once again contracting themselves to the great wisdom of all mans ways, lo and is it not our best understanding that has left us wanting?, yes, that along with self righteous guiding opinions, which has brought after all, the very need for prophecy in the first place.

2 of 3
No longer should we, let us, lead us, now if we are both blind won’t we both end up in a hole? How can the mute tell the blind to look where he’s going? And how will the lame tell the person in front of them to ‘hurry make haste so that I can pass?’ Lo but I say we have considered such foolish things, yes pondered the unimaginable, yet we are still trying to figure out what’s the next best thing, oh how low I feel in the examination of this state, by among, and of whom, I am first to blame and the worst of the worst, yes I’ve been called that too, oh I dread the crown of thorns which I should bare to make claim too such a lowly existence, but yes I admit, there, is where I’ve been too, beloved I have failed in all these same ways, none have spared me grief, of playing out exactly, what I did not want to happen, time and time again and that would only be saying it favorably on my part, how stiff necked I have been, I have rejected wisdom, so that I paid evil to good ,and good to evil, yet seen it not, or not until it at least had done its worst unto my own shame, my own blame.

My brethren unless we reach for things we have not touched before, we simply will not know what they feel like, we have done all that has brought us here but why not do what has never brought us there, and there being, the place where we know not, but perhaps, we understand the words of prophecy, a call of change, and new direction for hope which is being given through prophecy, and now so in such ways that your faith will be challenged, but we must first heed the sound of the voice delivering the prescribed answers to what is going to be the direction you need to know, and find sound doctrine of that which you can weigh and examine in your own hearts, because I tell you the truth beloved soon this is what many of you will seek, but they will find it not, so I ask you to consider the times you see now and ask of yourself, am I on the true path? Do I even know what that means? Have I ever known truth and seen it lived to completion, so that I know that know, I cannot be wrong?

Very difficult questions my dear beloved, but at some juncture and moment in time, you will be bottle necked back, to that point, when faith is the only sound voice you can trust to lead you, which is in fact, a plan, preordained for your life, yes even the hairs on your head are numbered so wouldn’t also your life be predestined and chosen by God,? yes, indeed it is, and I am here to tell you that a new era is about to begin, and nothing is going to change that fact, in a time not far aloft from now, I will deliver you a prophecy and how great it shall be told, with humbleness, yet bold, and before the sights of all man, Gods awesome miracles will be seen, so that all who look upon them, may believe, and know him to be the Lord they have sought, is indeed finally here, Behold! so let us prepare for the hour is at hand, yes the lord is already here, but the beginning of understanding still lingers and draws near, I urge you to keep watch, be vigilant for you shall see things and wonders you have never saw before nor understood and you’ll know new things you had never once considered, yet they are revealed unto you and all the world, yes! A new era is about to commence.

3 of 3
Behold! I say unto the children of God make ready! For The Messiah is about to reveal himself! Unto your knowing, Fear not for he loves you all, and is here to bring you the love he has for you through truth of divine revelation, rejoice and be glad in this, for this event rapidly approaches.

I have been patiently waiting for this word of divine prophecy to be delivered to me that I may give prophecy unto the children of God, no, I am not a teacher, nor a preacher, I want you to see the greatest prophesies ever given in all of history come to pass, test me in this, for even the stiff neck will soften, none can deny after they see the many other miracles that I will be called to show you and in all the sights of man, yes, all will know Gods love, only by the fulfillment of all I say unto thee.

Prepare to endure! For great change is coming, where the unexplainable manifests itself in many forms and fashions worldwide that being so before all the sights of man, you will know when this time arrives for it will be in such wondrous and perhaps frightening ways, thereafter I will once again speak to you all in assurance and prophecy, so do not fear this when it happens, for the lord is with thee, let it now be known, that I told you first, glory be given unto to God.

Lest you be destitute of knowledge my friends and not fare well through the earliest times for turning a deaf ear unto this divine prophecy. Beloved please make ready inside your hearts, I will bring you more word as it is delivered unto me from God, our father whose voice I hear and listen too. Fish give birth to fish, birds give birth to other birds, so then false prophets give birth to? false prophecies, Thus, let no man say, thereafter they’ve seen the foretold things of prophetic events come to pass, that which I have prophesized about before hand, that I am a liar, lo all I prophesize shall indeed come to pass, test me in all ways of this, I ask of you who doubt, please do not turn a deaf ear unto that which is foretold. Knowing this you will hearken thereafter once you have seen it and heard it, knowing it to be true.

In humble regards, your servant I am,
-Michael Noel Prescott

In a recent email from “The Prophet” he told me he hadn’t been in touch with Supriem since the end of 2008, but didn’t really explain why. I tried to figure it out and consulted someone who should know about it. His name was supposedly Brad Pruitt, working for the U.S. Air Force and in conjunction with Supriem , but after a while I seriously suspected this guy was no one less than Supriem himself, taking on a secret identity — something he has done several times before during his life. I still to this day can’t prove it one way or the other.

This is the short and simple story “Brad” gave me:

Prescott met Supriem when Supriem was proposing investments for the Supreme Council of 33rd degree Masons. Prescott kept coming back to Supriem telling him he thought Supriem was the Messiah and that Michael wanted to spread the word. Supriem told him that was fine but do not ever contact people saying he’s doing it on Supriem’s behalf.

After Prescott threatened Zagami, Supriem had enough. He said that’s not the way I do business. So the whole Prescott meeting, and they’ve only met twice, was for business. Supriem even let Prescott try to redeem himself by being his liaison to the Governor of California’s office when Supriem was presenting a private bailout to them. Prescott, once again, failed Supriem with his behavior and that was it!

I have further been told that Supriem totally disconnected from Prescott shortly after he had raged out against Zagami and didn’t want to have anything more to do with him. However, it seems like Supriem’s and Prescott’s destinies are to work together, whether they like each other or not, and there will probably always be a love-hate relationship between the two as we shall see later on in this book.

—> Chapter 2